5.5 Ways to Supercharge Your Personal Growth

You Don't Grow Just By Growing Old!

Supercharge Your Personal Growth

So – Here we are…at the end of January of a New Year!

Are your New Year’s Resolutions still intact?

Further down this post I am going to give you 5.5 ways to supercharge your growth NOWEASY ways to change up your routine and grow.

Before we go any further…I need to make sure that you have downloaded and read my FREE ebook “5 Ways to Finally Break Through” as this will give much more detail on what I am going to talk about below.  So – if you haven’t downloaded it yet – go ahead and do that.  (Button on upper right corner of main page of blog.  JohnHelmickSuccess)

I’m not real big with New Year’s resolutions…


I have goals that I want to achieve throughout the year and most of the time, new goals just carry over to the next year.  (Now – don’t get me wrong – at the beginning of the year I review my goals for what I want to accomplish that year, but I usually already have those goals already set.)  I get a ton of work done in the fall and winter months, so those things that I am working on in November/December might not be done yet.  My goal might be to have them done at the end of January, for example.

I am also aware that some of us get lazy…and get in a rut – MYSELF included!  OR – Life just gets in the way sometimes!

Our lives all have ebbs and flows – the idea is to create CONSISTENT growth through all the different seasons of our lives.

NOW is the time to get out of that rut and start some POSITIVE GROWTH!

I want to lead a Life of Significance and add value to those around me.  As a person of faith, I believe that is what God wants from all of us – to have an impact on the world around us!

In order to lead a Life of Significance, we MUST BE INTENTIONAL about our PERSONAL GROWTH.

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Here are 5.5 Ways to SUPERCHARGE your Personal Growth NOW!

  1.  Get up 30 minutes early tomorrow.  JUST 30 minutes.  It won’t kill you.  (Go to bed 30 minutes earlier tonight!)  When you get up – drink a glass of water and go spend some time by yourself in the quiet…if you drink coffee…make sure you have your cup of coffee, too!
  2. For 5 minutes…just enjoy the quiet.  Soak it in.  If you are a person of faith…pray.  Listen to God.  Try not to let your mind start racing about the day ahead…just quiet your heart and mind.
  3. READ.  Grab a favorite book and read for 5 minutes.  Read your Bible.
  4. THINK.  For 5 minutes.  Think about what you have just read.  What does it mean to you.  Meditate on it.  Be thankful you have the time and the mind to be able to think.
  5. PLAN.  For 15 minutes, think about your day.  Plan your day in detail.  What do you want to accomplish?  Do you have deadlines at work?  Deadlines at school?  Work at home that needs to get done?  Plan it in detail.  The efficiency gained will kill you!  I dare you to write it down!

5.5 – NOW go to this blog home page JohnHelmickSuccess and type in your email address (again) and download my FREE ebook – 5 Ways to Finally Break Through.  (This is for those of you who didn’t do this already!)  This ebook will give you more details on how you can transform your mornings and grow every day –  consistently, no matter what your lifestyle!


Oh – and download Evernote to your smartphone, iPad, & laptop or desktop computers.  You will need it if you don’t use it already!

Now – What have you learned?

And What are you going to do about it?


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8 thoughts on “5.5 Ways to Supercharge Your Personal Growth

  1. For me, I will stand at my kitchen window and look across my land and find the peace that I know is there. With a cup of coffee in my hand. Thank you for the 5.5 ways.