5 Communication Skills – They Didn’t Teach You This…PART 1

Communication Skills

communication skills


This is about COMMUNICATING – one on one – or in front of small groups.

Great communicators are successful in life.

FIRST – I want to take a poll:

Despite what you may believe – It IS what it IS – RIGHT?

Why is that?

1.  Communication Skills are needed to direct.

2.  Communication Skills are needed to re-direct.

3.  Communication Skills are needed to invigorate.

4.  Communication Skills are needed to unite.

5.  Communication Skills are needed to ignite.

This is an INTRODUCTION and I will go in to more detail on each of these 5 points each in later posts.

communication skills

How did they become that way?

You say they were born with it?  Maybe.  But I KNOW it is a learned skill.


YOU can PERFECT this skill

What does it take?

communication skills

1. Be a listener first.

  • Listeners know what their audience wants to hear.  It is not all about YOU.  So, be quiet and listen!
  • I KNOW it is hard – you feel like you need to keep the conversation going.

2.  Understand what is being said.

  • Then you will know what to talk about.

communication skills

3.  Enjoy who you are talking with.

  • Love the ride…the ebb and flow of a conversation.
  • Love learning about who it is you are communicating with.

4.  Ask open ended questions.

  • Ask the type of questions that do not require a simple “yes/no” or quick answer.
  • Questions like “Why did you feel that you needed to do it that way?”  OR  “Wow!  How did you know it was really going to work that way?”
  • Learn as many things about who you are communicating with.

The key to being an effective communicator is KNOWING what to communicate in the most EFFECTIVE manner.  When you can accomplish this – you have mastered the art.

Do you believe that you were born a certain way?  What have you had to develop in yourself?

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