7 People Skills You Need as an Asset

7 People Skills You Need as an Asset

You Are A Person…

 …You Are Around People – 

Do You Have People Skills to be SUCCESSFUL?

people skills

Whether you like it or not…your success in life depends on your people skills.

There have been so many books written on people skills – but the landmark book is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

I read this book the year after I received my Ph.D. in chemistry.  It opened my eyes! 

Why I Needed People Skills (As a Chemist)

  • Very few in my field possessed good people skills – and the ones that did were extremely successful!
  • I needed people skills in order to effectively communicate to others outside of the lab…at the plant, in marketing, in product development.
  • I needed people skills to be able to communicate and manage the people that worked for me.
  • I needed people skills to make effective presentations.  (Which gave me visibility outside of my department – company-wide.)

Why I Needed People Skills (As a Normal Person)

  • I needed people skills to get along with my wife and family!
  • I needed people skills to manage a softball team.
  • I needed people skills to work with people at church.
  • I needed people skills to buy a car and house.

Unless you live in a cave by yourself 50,000 miles away from other humans, you NEED people skills!

Great people skills:

  1. Can get you a lower price on the house you are buying.
  2. Allow you to coach your son’s Little League team to a title.  (AND – to get along with the parents of the kids who don’t get much playing time!)
  3. Save you time when you communicate with people because you understand them and know their hot buttons.
  4. Allow you to be a more effective leader when working with others in your church or non-profit organization.
  5. Keep friends for life!
  6. Help you negotiate your promotion and pay raise.
  7. Allow you to keep a customer on the phone, develop rapport, and turn him into a paying customer.
  8. Get your kids better grades because their teachers love you (tongue-in-cheek!  Come on!  I’m not serious!)
  9. Make your daughters cheerleader coach thing she is way better than she really is…ok, I’ll stop!

But you get the point!  People skills are needed almost every minute of your day and can make HUGE differences in little outcomes that end up producing BIG dividends down the road.

I never realized that until I picked up that book……

Our kids today communicate by texting and Facebook.  I am pretty sure that their people skills are going to be non-existent!  Which, by the way, will be good for those that have GREAT people skills because they will stand out even more!

And…let’s face it – come on – be honest here….

people skills

Schmoozing is where it’s at…

OK – schmoozing has a negative connotation associated with it…let’s call it “Tactical Manipulating”.

Bottom Line:  People Skills should be at the top of your list to be working on every day!


  1. How To Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie
  2. Winning With People – John Maxwell
  3. Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty – Harvey Mackay

How can we teach our kids people skills?

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