8 Business Success Tips – A Crash Course

You want to follow your passion – Is It Time to Work for Yourself?


I KNOW how you feel.

That was me.  I had an itch I had to scratch.  I wanted to be my own boss and do my own thing.

Make the $$$ that I was worth.

I had to take a crash course in starting a business.

Crash Course in Business Success

  1. Crash Course in Learning to Network.  Network like a madman.  Your business will succeed or fail depending on your ability to find key people…YOU have to get some face time with the key to your business success – PEOPLE.  Assignment:  Read “Dig Your Well Before You Are Thirsty” – Harvey Mackay.
  2. Crash Course in Learning How to Answer the phone.  Your lifeline to your business – the phone.  Whether you are taking appointments, answering questions, telling people how to get to you, negotiating with vendors…whatever it may be – YOU have to master a great phone voice and let your personality shine through the phone.  I have taken business from my competition an unbelievable number of times due to my abilities on the phone.  My competition stunk on the phone…and I took advantage of that.
  3. Crash Course in Developing Your Unique Marketing Position.  Study your market.  Talk to the people you are going to serve.  Talk to the people who are going to be your main referral base.  What do they like about the products or services currently available?  What don’t they like?  What do they want?  What don’t they want?  How can you solve their problems?  LEARN how you can not only meet their needs – but meet them in an extraordinary way!  Find it.  EXAMPLE:  My business provides inspection services for new homebuyers.  Our main referral base is Realtors.  I interviewed and talked to many and quickly found out that Realtors and Inspectors were adversaries!  Why?  Because inspectors nit-picked houses and scared the buyers.  Many inspector’s reports were handwritten and took too long to get to the buyer and Realtor.  I also found out that the real estate sales contract actually had the scope of the inspection in the contract and it stated that only things that affect the habitability of the house were to be entered back in to the negotiation to buy the home.  SO – our Unique Marketing Position is:  “We Don’t Nit-Pick Houses or Scare Buyers!”  And we delivered on our promise as well as produced our inspection reports at the end of the inspection!
  4. Crash Course in Making Your 30-Second Elevator Speech.  When you network, you will need a quick, 30-second synopsis that describes what you do – maybe in a witty way – that also raises your aquaintences curiosity about what you do so that they will ask you more.  Your elevator speech does not necessarily need to incorporate your unique marketing position.
  5. Crash Course in Marketing.  You have developed your Unique Marketing Position which should have helped you learn alot about your market.  Next – you need to think about your customer.  Get into the mind of your customer.  You have already learned what they want – now tell them you have it and how to get it!  You should also think about who is going to be referring you.  Why do they like you?  Why should they like to send you business?  Make it easy for them to do so.  NOW – get your message to these people directly.  Finely tune your delivery to a laser sharp point so that you do not waste money and so that they hear EXACTLY what you need to say to them.  Tell them what they WANT to hear and that what they WANT – YOU HAVE…and make it easy to get it!
  6. Crash Course in Graphic Design.  You need to have an eye for what is hip – What is cool – What will catch your buyers eye.  Your business image starts with the name of your business.  THIS will take some research.  A business name is KEY!  Do Not Take Short Cuts on this one!  You also need to know how your image is going to be crafted.  Then you need an OUT of THIS WORLD logo!  Business Cards – should you have your picture on them, or just your logo?  Is there room for your unique marketing position?  Your market research will tell you how you are going to let your customers find out about you as well as how your referral base if going to keep track of you.  What materials and/or media do you need?  Now, you don’t need to be a graphic artist yourself…BUT you NEED to know what style you want.  FIND somebody to create for you.  FIND somebody to produce for you.
  7. Crash Course in Web-Design.  In today’s world there are certain things that you have to have and a web-site is one of them.  Now – you can create your own without too much trouble and also customize them as you go…you can learn to do a WordPress site.  This can be a blog if you like.  But the bottom line is that it is cheap, you can easily learn it, and you can easily customize and make changes to it on the fly.
  8. Crash Course in Social Media & Blogs.  No kicking and screaming…you HAVE to be on social media.  For most of you, this is probably not a big deal…but for others of you – welcome to the real world!  Business gets done on social media and blogs.  The world needs to know about you. Where does the world hang out?  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, & LinkedIn.  Be there.

crash course

Learn to master these eight points and you will be well on your way to business success!

This list only scratches the surface…can you think of any more?

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