9.5 Ways to Think BIGGER

We ALL Think Too small...Your ONE Thing Series


Question:  When you see someone who has built a business or career that you perceive as really successful, what is your initial thought?

“Wow!  He/She must be a really talented/go-getter!”?  OR – “Wow!  He/She must be really lucky!

Some of our thoughts might be even more “negative” – “I bet they knew somebody…” OR – “I could never do anything like that!”

We unknowingly adjust our thinking to a much smaller size to fit our comfort level of BIG.  This might be reflected in a rather negative thought about when we meet or see someone who has built something of what we see as rather substantial.

This type of thinking limits ourselves and we put ourselves in a much smaller box.

There IS magic to thinking BIG!

Think Big

Gary Keller states, in his book that we are reviewing in this Series, “Your ONE Thing”, how BIG you think is the launching pad for how high you achieve:

“Every level of achievement has its own combination of what you do, how you do it, and who you do it with.  The trouble is that the combination of what, how, and who that gets you to one level of success won’t naturally evolve to a better combination that leads to the next level of success.  Doing something one way doesn’t always lay the foundation for doing something better, nor does a relationship with one person automatically set the stage for a more successful relationship with another.  It’s unfortunate, but these things don’t build on each other.  If you learn to do something one way, and with one set of relationships, that may work fine until you want to achieve more.  It’s then that you will discover you’ve boxed yourself in when there is a simple way to avoid it.  Think as big as you possibly can and base what you do, how you do it, and who you do it with on succeeding at that [higher] level.  It just might take you more than your lifetime to run into the walls of a box this big.”

In reality this can be hard to do since most of us have a very hard time thinking big – and thinking REALLY BIG!  Why?  Because this is the unknown…we have no idea.  And thinking that BIG seems crazy.

I started my own company 20 years ago.  I had no problem with thinking of creating a large regional business just in my neck of the woods in SW Ohio.  HOWEVER, when I started thinking of creating something national…to be honest, it was hard for me to picture it.

This did not stop me from trying however!  I had started to put the pieces together with a business partner who ended up leaving not too long after we had set the foundation for a national business.  Then the economy crashed in 2008-2009 and halted what we had built.  It has taken me since then to even get the energy to even build my core business up to the way it was before the crash, let alone think about beginning to build the foundation for a nationally-sized business again.

So – I know the struggle with thinking BIG!

The ONE Thing that we must keep in mind is that if we start something with a BIG mindset, we have a much better chance of creating something that can grow much larger than the initial box we work within.  We can work with that initial box as a foundation and stepping stone for the next level.


How do we start to think big?

  1. Start asking big questions.
  2. Start thinking about big goals.
  3. Figure out what your first step is going to be.
  4. Realize that you don’t have to have a perfect vision of what the finished product looks like.
  5. Don’t get hung up on the details.
  6. Write down everything.
  7. Start an idea journal – crystalize your ideas.  Refine them. (See previous post:  https://goo.gl/cnSZA9)
  8. STOP – look within yourself…what are you really scared of?

9.5 – Don’t look back!

From a practical standpoint…has there always been something deep inside you that says you can do better?  Have you always pictured yourself doing something “super successful”?  (But you have that voice also saying to you – “you can’t do that…you have too many family priorities, what will people think?)


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