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What makes you different?  What sets you apart from your competition?

For us at OPiS – Business Differentiation means our OPiS Photo DVD and OPiS Peace of Mind Tour…

OPiS inspectors document the condition of the home by literally taking thousands of digital photos throughout the inspection (average sized home usually will have well over  1,000 pictures taken).  We call this our OPiS Photo DVD.  These pictures are then burned on a DVD and given to the home buyer if they are in attendance.  THIS is business differentiation because no other home inspection company markets this!

NOTICE – I said “markets this”!

What isn’t advertised – doesn’t happen.  What your potential clients don’t know doesn’t count!

THE company out there barking the loudest about any certain thing is the one with the advantage.  It doesn’t even matter if EVERY company is doing that thing!  What counts is that they are the only one talking about it!

The OPiS Peace of Mind Tour of the home is conducted at the end of the inspection once OPiS inspectors have had time to inspect the home and determine the condition of the house.  This tour is a valuable part of the inspection as the inspector will communicate and show the homebuyer things that they need to know about the home as well as any concerns that were found during the inspection.  The OPiS inspector will then go over what options are available to the home buyer depending on the particular concern and help direct them as to what the next step would be going forward.

THIS is business differentiation because we highlight and market this.  EVERY home inspector out there does this – I guarantee you!

These two things are not rocket science, but they are a business differentiation that sets us apart from the competition.  We SCREAM it- therefore we OWN it!

Do other home inspectors take digital photos?  Yes…but not very many!  BAM!  There was our advantage!  We will take pictures of everything!  Do most home inspectors walk their clients around the home explaining things?  Yes.  BUT – they don’t really have a name for it!  BAM!  We do…that is business differentiation!

THINK about your business……what do you do kinda special – but maybe not even THAT special – but you do it and nobody else talks about it.

Things to consider when developing your differentiating qualities:

  • What are your strengths?  Can you accentuate your strength into a defining business differentiating quality?
  • Is there something that you already do that even though many of your competitors might do it, if you start highlighting it, it can be your advantage?
  • Is there a gimmick that you can give away?

I gave away high end pens to our best referrers…it made an impression and I became known as the pen guy because it was something substantial.

How many business differentiating things can you think of – AND – more importantly, IMPLEMENT?

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