A Thank You Note

A Thank You Note – 6 Ways to Create Clients for LIFE!

a thank you note

Create a lasting impression and client loyalty with a HANDWRITTEN Thank You Note!

Smart business people will send a thank you card to a customer or client.

Genuine business people who want to create a loyal group of fans send Personal HANDWRITTEN Thank You Notes!

In today’s cut-throat business world – it’s the little things that make a BIG difference and the key to be a savvy network builder is to create loyalty.  People love recognition.  Recognition for what they are wearing.  Recognition for the car they drive.  Recognition for their work achievements.  And recognition for being a VALUABLE client!

LET YOUR Clients KNOW they are recognized by you as something valuable!

a thank you note

A Thank You Note – Creating Clients for Life – 6 Practical Tips

1.  Buy sharp thank you note cards – with a BLANK inside!  Buy sharp cards that reflect a little of you.  Let a little of your personality shine through.

a thank you note

2.  The inside is blank for a reason!   Write a personal note directly to your client thanking them for their patronage/business.

3.  Mention something SPECIFIC about your client or experience with them.  Do not just jot a quick “thank you for your business” note!  Be personal!  Write something personal and specific – like:  “Thanks so much for your referral…it means a lot that you trust me with your friends!  P.S. – I hope the Red Sox do well this season!  I’ll be watching!”

4.  Handwrite the mailing address and your return address.  Do NOT use printed labels for either the mailing address OR your return address.

5.  Buy commemorative postage stamps from the post office.  Buy some current stamps that may reflect something you like or that will bring a smile to someone.  For example…late last year there were Pixar Movie stamps – Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., Toy Story, etc.  GREAT stamps like that bring a smile to people!

a thank you note

6.  Send a note to clients that you have not heard from in a while.  Like the card above – “Hey – haven’t heard from you in awhile…let’s get coffee sometime!”  Get some cool, funny cards that speak to what you want to re-connect with them about…then write a personal note inside.

These are just a few of ideas that have worked wonders for me in building lasting, loyal relationships that mean a lot.

It is much more fun to do business with people you like and know as friends!

What kind of ideas do you have?  What do you do?

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