Super Size Your Fries, Not Your Goals!

FINISH - Cut Your Goals in Half

Cut Your Goal in Half

So – Jon Acuff tells us to CUT OUR GOAL IN HALF…Isn’t this GREAT news?  I bet there is SOMETHING in here for you!  We can ALL be winners now as we will be achieving goals by being consistent FINISHERS!  Check out what he says about this… This is Chapter 2 in our review of […]

Perfectionism is a Dirty Word…

Chapter 1 - FINISH by Jon Acuff...The Day After Pefect

“We tend to put too much emphasis on beginnings.  In doing so, we miss the single day that wrecks more goals than any other.” – Jon Acuff, FINISH Hey guys…this stuff that we are going to be reviewing from the blockbuster new book from Jon Acuff called FINISH – Give Yourself The Gift of Done […]

FINISH – Give Yourself The Gift of Done by Jon Acuff

Join Me on this Book Review Journey

FINISH…what feelings do you feel when you see the word…FINISH? Relief Victory Accomplishment Joy Pride Sadly…many of us give up or QUIT before we see the finish line or the finished product.  As a matter of fact, the statistics show that 92% of people fail on their New Year’s Resolutions. From here to the end […]

Focus – The ONE Question

Your ONE Thing Series - #7


What if I told you there is ONE Question that can change things BIG TIME for you? “There is an art to clearing away the clutter and focusing on what matters most.  It is simple and it is transferable.  It just requires the courage to take a different approach.” – George Anders You can blow […]