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Live Your Dream – How to Do What You Love

do what you love

Why don’t we do what we like doing?  We are stuck.  Just doing what HAS to be done because that is WHAT life is…

Our lives are so crazy-hectic-topsy turvy-drama-work-to-the-bone.

So what happened?  

How can you do what you love?

When the passion to live your dreams overwhelms the comfort of the rut that drains your life, the path to your dreams becomes reality.

– John Helmick, Ph.D.

What would you be doing if you could be doing ANYTHING you wanted?

What is that voice inside of you saying?

Does that voice affirm where you are?

          OR – does it tell you that you can be living your dreams?

Do you have a passion that you leave every day to do your life-sapping job?

          OR – do you have that itch inside of you that just begs to be scratched?

Do you constantly go from one thing to another, not ever really finding IT?

master your life


My story

When I was growing up, I remember being on my Little League team in 5th grade and doing a fund raiser selling hair shampoo.  One of the prizes that could be won was an aluminum baseball bat (based on a certain number of sales).  I WANTED that bat!  I had to do whatever it took to sell the number of shampoo bottles required to get it!  I remember going through the church phone directory calling people.  I called through the university phone book!  I went door to door in my neighborhood.  I was having fun!  Why?  Because I wanted to do whatever it took to win that bat.


I had a newspaper route.  I got up every morning about 6 to get on my bike and deliver papers all around town.  Rain or snow.  (Sometimes my dad or mom would drive me if the weather was too bad…but mostly, it was me toughing it out.)  I loved riding around town – no matter the weather – knowing all that was happening in town…My most favorite part of delivering papers?


Because I went to my customers and collected the money!  Seeing all the money come in made me want to go out and get more customers. So, when I was out collecting, I would stop at other houses to sell the paper.  I was told that I had the only growing number of subscribers of ALL the routes!  But I loved collecting that money on Saturdays!

Oh – one other thing…I liked gerbils.  I had a family of gerbils and when they would propagate, I would sell the baby gerbils to a couple of pet stores.  (I actually grew the operation until I had 4 or 5 pairs of gerbils makin babies…)  But don’t tell anyone that I used to be a gerbil rancher!

do what you love

One of my passions in junior high and high school was bicycles.  I loved to ride and I was up on all the latest and coolest stuff for road bikes.  So, I put up an advertisement on the bulletin board of the university post office.  And started getting some business…making money doing something I liked.

WELL – all that to make the point that KIDS have no trouble doing what they love – and I had no trouble figuring out how to make money doing what I loved!


I went to college – I majored in Chemistry – my dad was a chemistry professor and I really didn’t ever give much thought to anything else.  I had always been hanging around in the lab, I used to clean glassware for the lab assistant when I was very young.  So, that was what I was going to do.  Oh – yes…and I made money being a lab assistant!

And one other thing:  In college I was known as George the Pop Man – I sold bottled pop to all the dorms!  (Loved that money coming in!)  Actually sold the business to an underclassman when I left campus!

Then – time to graduate.  OK – now what?  (Real life is starting to hit me square in the face!)

Do What You Love

Well, I will apply to three graduate schools and if I get in, I will go.  BAM!  I got accepted to 2 out of the 3 – with full assistantship (means I got PAID to go to school in exchange for doing grading and labs for underclassmen)!  So off to Miami (Ohio) University I went.  Only THIS time – I had a goal in mind…get that Ph.D.!  I was NOT going to fail!  It was a means to an end.  Not much fun.  (Although we did have fun in the halls playing whiffle ball at 2 in the morning!)

During my time in graduate school I began to think about what I was going to do with the rest of my life.  What am I going to do with this Ph.D. once I get it?  The thing that intrigued me the most was the Pharmaceutical industry – both human and animal.  Why?  because it felt more like the chemistry had a purpose…but…there was still that nagging feeling inside of me, there must be something that I can do myself that I ACTUALLY Liked!

I got a position working for a Johnson & Johnson company that made Pepcid AC.  Cool job.  J&J is a cool company.  EXCEPT I wasn’t doing chemistry!  I had to wear a white shirt and tie and read reports, write reports, go to meetings, make presentations…and the only time I got to go in the lab was when something went wrong!  That nagging feeling was inside of me…I wasn’t doing anything that I had a passion about!

The BIG Lightning BOLT:

My wife and I had our first daughter…and were buying our first home when our Realtor mentioned something about new laws coming out about lead-based paint.  He said I should look in to getting in that business.  (Went in one ear and out the other)  THEN – the very next Sunday in the Philadelphia Inquirer there it was!  A full two-page write up about the new lead-based paint laws and 2-3 pictures of this guy using a lead gun!  BAM!  That was IT!

do what you love

I KNEW that was IT!  No doubt in my mind!

Do What You Love…does that have a certain freedom associated with the sound of it?

THAT was what I felt when I found IT!

Now, not that lead-based paint was my passion…but my passion was creating something myself and making money doing IT!

Do What You Love:

  1. Do you find yourself always looking for something else?  Something more?  Deep down inside you KNOW it is out there…Try to define IT.
  2. Does IT have to do with any of your passions?  (Your passion can be owning your own business…)
  3. When you think of what your passions are…what can you do with them?  How can you create a living doing what you love?
  4. Explore.  See what you can do with IT.  Then let yourself fly!

What about you?  What are some of the things you love – talk to me about what is holding you back…maybe I can help.

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