Do You WASTE Your Ideas?

Do You WASTE Your Ideas?

lost idea

Ok…so you have an idea.

Now what?

What do you do with it?

If you are like me, you come up with ideas all through the day.

lost idea

     – A fleeting thought about something that I am doing, that I could do better.

     – Sitting in a meeting…Daydreaming…

     – Driving down the road…

     – Laying in bed thinking.

     – Sitting on the…well, you know

SO what happens to those ideas?

lost idea

I FORGET about them!

Well, I may remember them again some random time later…

NOW – the idea does not have to be this HUGE, change the world in an instant idea…even your small ideas:


  • Do you write them down?
  • Do you think about them after the initial idea that comes in to your mind?
  • Do you knock it around in your mind ever again?
  • Do you tell someone about it?
  • Do you ask someone what they think about it?
  • Do you sit down and write it down and jot down other thoughts about it?

Most of us never think about it again…so the idea is GONE forever…WASTED.

capture your ideas


Here’s how NOT to waste your ideas:

     1.  CAPTURE them in an efficient way.

               –  I use EVERNOTE because I have it with me wherever I am…on my iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air or my iMac.  I just have an an on-going note that I add to entitled “IDEAS”.  Clever, eh?

capture your ideas

     2.  REVIEW them.

               –  I like to go over my notes several mornings a week.  Jot down other ideas that you think of when reviewing them.

     3.  RE-HASH them.

               –  Take your ideas to the next level.  ELABORATE on each of your ideas.  Allow the idea to crystallize here…allow them to sit and develop.  I will then create a new note in EVERNOTE with the specific title of the idea.  This is where you are going to continue with the idea from here on out.

     4.  DEVELOP them.

               – Ideas that make it this far have substance.  You are adding to that now and making your idea have weight.

     5.  FINALIZE them.

               –  Put the finishing touches on your idea.  Plan on how you are going to implement the idea.  If it is an easy idea.  Do it.

What are some of the ways you capture your ideas?

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