From Me…To You…

Let me speak to you from my heart here...


This blog feels too uptight and formal…

ENOUGH of that…

Stick with me on this:

Lately I have been going through this series with you taking my thoughts from a great book by Gary Keller called “Your ONE Thing”.  This book has inspired me on so many fronts.  First of which, is that I wanted to start a video blog (VLOG) called Your ONE Thing – Right Now to get different people’s take on what their ONE thing that they were focusing on – right now.

The other thing that this book has inspired me on – IS –





Gary Keller states that he went through a portion of his life going full throttle in pursuit of “success”…like clenching his teeth, clenching his fist, with body taut.  This put him in the hospital.

I’m sure for most of you, pursuit of success may not be THIS extreme.

So…this SUCCESS thing…

I have named this success blog after my name.


Because I believe that what I have done, what I am doing, and the ideas that are in my head…are all part of my God-Given Purpose.  And for me…to pursue those:  equals success.

For me…and I want to help others be successful as well.  This means helping people.  Helping people recognize and move toward fulfilling and maximizing their potential and talents.

I’m sure that most of you would also agree with me that for you to be where you should be right now doing what you should be doing would also be success for you, too.

I also think that another BIG part of success is moving toward fulfilling our God-Given POTENTIAL.

We each have our God-Given gifts and talents that we are to use to their maximum POTENTIAL.

It is our duty to develop those gifts and talents.  If we go through life just hum-humming along we are mistakenly forsaking our calling and our PURPOSE.

Our society paints all these pictures of what success looks like.  Some of us get sucked in to the rat race to pursue that picture all the while forsaking our calling, purpose, and forgetting to develop our potential in our giftedness and talent.

So from here on out, just take this from me…this John Helmick Success thing is all about you!

It’s about what I can help YOU with.

So what does this look like for you?

  • Develop your potential
  • Move deeper in your giftedness
  • Understand what your purpose is
  • Maximize your talents





I am so glad you have joined me on this journey.

I need to know how I can hep you.  What do you need to hear about?  Do you need help processing your purpose?  Do you need to crystallize what your true talents are?

Do you have something to share?  Do you want to be in a “Your ONE Thing – Right Now” video?

I want to hear from you…please leave a comment for me.  I will comment back.

OR – send me a direct email:

Comment or message me…I am here for you.

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