Goals…Psssst…It’s February!

Your Personal Growth Depends on Reviewing Your Goals Regularly!

BOOM!  It’s February!

Are you still rocking your goals for 2015?

It seems like the first of the year, we always get bent on setting new goals for the year ahead.  This is all good…but if you are like me, I still have goals I am working on from last year – NOT that they are late, it’s just that my goals are BIGGER than just a one year time-line!

Rock Your Goals

FOR example:  What the beginning of the year does for me is allows me to re-focus and re-frame my goals that I am working on.  We all should have goals that we are constantly reviewing and updating and re-setting.

5 Things I am always doing to make my GOALS work for me:

  1. I review my goals DAILY.  As part of my Personal Growth Plan, I review all of my goals each morning…weekly, monthly, annually, and long range goals.  I make changes as I need to.
  2. I keep my goals in EVERNOTE.  They are always accessible and I can look and edit on the fly.
  3. I use my goals to plan my day and week/month/year.
  4. I reward myself when I meet a challenging goal.  Usually I do this when I set a goal that would be considered a major milestone – and I attach a significant reward to it.  I set a goal to lose 30 pounds in the first two months of 2015.  When I attain that goal…I am going to reward myself (and my wife!) by going out to eat at an expensive restaurant that we have been wanting to try.
  5. I use my goals as a measuring stick to tell me how my performance is doing.

Per #5 above, we just can’t go wandering through life with these goals floating around us.  We must THINK about what we are doing.  We must PLAN how we are going to be living our life.  We must be INTENTIONAL with our days!

How do I do this?

  • I start each day with a power hour.
    • I use this time to connect with my Creator.
    • I read
    • I review my ideas
    • I think about my ideas, perfect them, and create further
    • I review and edit my goals
    • I plan my day/week/month accordingly
  • I end each day with a power review.
    • I think about my day – review good & bad, critique how it went
      • What were the good things that happened?
      • Who did I meet?  Who do I need to connect with?
      • Who do I need to meet with again?
      • What were some of the things that happened that I can improve on?
    • I read
    • I connect with my Creator
    • I make notes in Evernote about what I need to do the next day

Be Intentional With Your Goals


  1. Take these ideas and customize your own daily rituals.
  2. Do them every day.

And you know what will happen?


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What have you learned?

What are you going to do about it?

Share your stories with me…

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