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Mike Holmes of the HGTV series, Holmes on Homes has not been good for the home inspection industry.

Mike does TV.

Mike is good for TV.

Mike is very good at it.  He knows his stuff.

BUT…Home Inspection is real world, NOT a TV show.

Holmes on Homes is a show about showing up to “inspect” a house where Mike already knows what the issues are from the very beginning.  That is cheating!  ALL of us home inspectors would be A LOT better if we knew the issues ahead of time!

Well Duh! 

The homeowner has already lived in the home for a period of time and has discovered all these terrible things!   We could all do just as good of a job telling the client where and what the problem is and why somebody may have missed it doing a REAL home inspection!  Mike does a REAL good job at this…for TV…Please remember – a REAL home inspection is doing an inspection with NO PRIOR knowledge of any potential problems that exist!

A REAL home inspection is not a big, bad $35,000 problem lurking behind every wall in a house.  It is not black toxic mold seeping in behind every sink and growing in every crawl space ready to inflict the occupants with debilitating conditions.  A REAL home inspection is not ripping a whole wall down with sledge hammers for every little moisture stain or crack that you see.  THAT is TV – You, my friend, live in reality.  The REAL world – which, by the way, is not made for reality TV!  Leave all of that stuff for Holmes on Homes!

The three major professional certifying organizations for home inspectors: (ASHI, NAHI, NACHI), generally define a home inspection as a visual observation of conditions of a home that are present at the time of the inspection of readily accessible systems and areas.

In other words…WE CAN’T go ripping up walls, floors, and ceilings in search of this really bad, deadly stuff!

holmes on homes

Can we only be seeing the tip of the iceberg during a home inspection?  YES!  Are there issues observed during a home inspection that can become MUCH larger in the future?  YES!  Is this very common in the real world?  Not so much…

ALL of this leads to a common mistake among home inspectors:  Cover Your BUTT!

There is some common bad thinking among home inspectors that a specialist should be brought in for further evaluation for every little thing that is found during a home inspection, or because the furnace is apparently on its last legs, or because the roof may need to be replaced in the next 2-3 years.  WRONG thinking, guys (and gals)!

You guys are running scared!

Holmes on Homes has scared you!

Or something has scared you – for those of you who don’t watch TV…maybe it’s your own shadow!

Mike is a good guy…but don’t let him scare you into doing wrong things in the REAL world!

A home inspector is hired to give their opinion on the condition of the house at the time of the inspection.  Click Here to Tweet This.  NOT to give their opinion on how much longer things may last or to start sending your client off on wild goose chase!

Holmes on Homes is great entertainment and is actually very educational, BUT – don’t let that guy get you scared about the REAL world!

What sort of things scare you the most in the REAL world of home inspecting?

I will be posting part 2 of this post which will give some REAL WORLD examples you won’t want to miss!

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