Home Inspection Business Marketing

Home Inspection Business Marketing

Home Inspection Business Marketing

Home Inspectors are a dime a dozen.

Everyone who used to be a contractor for 30 years now thinks they are qualified as a home inspector.

This makes for a very crowded marketplace!


home inspection business marketing

So…you are a home inspector – or – you are planning on starting up your home inspection business.  How is a home inspection business marketing strategy supposed to work?

Let me tell you a little about me as an illustration:

When I decided that I was going to enter into the real estate inspection market, I did some market research.  I needed to know some key facts about the area that I was going to service.


1.  Total number of home sales each of the last 5 years.

2.  Population density.

3.  Square mileage of service area.

You do some poking around on Google, you should not have much of a problem getting these numbers.

NOW that you have the data from your service area, get some numbers from 2-3 other areas in your state to compare these numbers to.

How does your area compare?  Do you still think your area is viable for a successful home inspection business?

home inspection business marketing

Home Inspection Business Marketing works best when you know to whom you are going to be marketing.

Some of My Secrets:

1.  It is very hard to be able to market directly to your client – the actual homebuyer.

2.  Market to the referral centers that are advising the home buyer in their purchase – Realtors, Mortgage Lenders, Attorneys, etc.

home inspection business marketing

Home Inspection Business Marketing consists of being able to get your name in front of the key players in your area’s real estate industry.  Who are they?

How do you find out who they are?

Look at the industry publications:  Newspapers, Booklets at the grocery stores, web-sites.  Look up the stats on the local Board of Realtors web-site.  Find out who the big hitters are.

home inspection business marketing

Home inspection business marketing is MOST effective when you can differentiate yourself from your competition.

TWO things you need to do:

1.  Find out what your competition is doing and not doing.

2.  Find out what the marketplace likes about your competition and what they do not like.

The secret?  Go talk to some Realtors – they will be more than happy to tell you what they don’t like about the home inspectors in their area.  The key is to find out what they also like!

THEN – go do something about it!  Design your business practice around what is liked about the home inspectors and THEN – the KEY is to design your home inspection business marketing around promotion of your business against the negative aspects that the Realtors do not like about home inspectors in your area.


When I talked to the Realtors in my area, I found out that the Realtors liked the thoroughness of the inspection…BUT they did not like inspectors who came through and nit-picked the house and scared the buyers about needless stuff.  (It appears that many of the inspectors were trying to show how much they knew and were making mountains out of molehills…Justifying their fees – at least in their minds!)

So what was my home inspection business marketing USP?  “We perform thorough inspections without nit-picking the house or scaring the buyer!”  This was my Unique Sales Proposition (USP).

Do the same in your area and your home inspection business marketing will resonate with your clients and referral base!

What is your story?

Need some help?  Let me know what you have found out…I will be glad to offer suggestions!

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