How Can I Get More Business?

How Can I Get More Business?

How Can I Get More Business

In this economy, getting business can be alot harder than it was not too long ago.  In the old economy, we got fat and sassy.  Got lazy.

To actually increase business in THIS economy will take some smarts, hustle, and blood, guts, and tears!

Taking the time to take a good look at your business and doing some evaluating and studying may shed some light on some key areas that you have not seen before:

7.75 Tips – Increasing Your Business

1.  How Can I Get More Business?  Make sure you KNOW your customer.  Know your customer or client inside and out.  What makes them tick?  Why do they come to you?  What does your customer want?  Why does your client like you more than your competition?  What does your customer not like about your competition?

2. How Can I Get More Business?  Make sure you KNOW your competition.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  In order to plan your business strategies, knowing your competition inside and out is a MUST!

3.  How Can I Get More Business?  Out hustle your competition.  How bad do you want it?  You need to beat your competition in as many areas as possible.  Beat them to the punch – have a new technology that is going to improve your market?  GET IT FIRST!  AND start talking LOUDLY about it – FIRST!

4.  How Can I Get More Business?  Hire the best.  Yep – costs more up front, but in the long run – it gains you more.  When YOU hire the best, it keeps them away from your competition.  When YOU hire the best it makes you look and run the best.  I hear all the time:  “I can train them to be the best.”  NOPE – hire the best because the best can only get better!

5.  How Can I Get More Business?  Tweak your product, product line, or services to meet the wants and desires of your customers and clients.

6.  How Can I Get More Business?  Evaluate how you are getting in front of new customers and clients.

how can i get more business

7.  How Can I Get More Business?  Upgrade your look and feel.  Is your logo outdated?  Do your phones play tacky music on hold?  Are your signs old and beat up?  What about your business cards?  How do your service vehicles look?

7.75  How Can I Get More Business?  Upgrade YOU!  Get in shape!  Lose a few pounds…improve your eating…this will allow you to look so much better and give you much more personal confidence!

So…what do you think?  Do you have any other ideas that have worked for you?

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