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7 thoughts on “How Do You Define Success?

  1. Most would define success as reaching the goal, gathering the most toys, etc. But certainly the thought you promote here is Biblical….As Paul said, it is how we run the race, not how we finish it. And the way we run it is what pays dividends after this life is over. What we gain when we reach the traditional definition of success all ends when this life ends.

  2. Success is an individual thing. I believe the imprints and life lessons we learn as we are growing up define what may be viewed as successful. It’s so very true the most important is how we run that race and not the race itself. How we as individuals should examine are individual behaviors. The most important part of all is that we have God to forgive us of are sins and allow us an other chance to get it right.

    • You are right, Rebecca – growing up helps to shape our own picture of what success might be like or NOT be like! God’s grace really is something! 2nd, 3rd, and 10th chances are nice for some of us!

  3. Success is not measured in dollar signs, but what you are as a person. No matter how rich or poor a person is, they are successful because of what they believe in, walking the right path, making choices they can live with. Success can be measured in a persons heart.

    • Agree 100%, Tina! Success can be measured by being true to ourselves…not using anybody else’s measuring stick! AND – being true to ourselves is listening to how we are growing…and then doing.