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18 thoughts on “I’m Back! – Click to View Video! (Take 2)

  1. Good to see you back – I want to find more on Leadership that transcends any generation – more about what lights folks on fire regardless of their background or age

    • Al – Thanks so much! I like your idea here…I have been reading some about John Wooden. He connected with his basketball players and had tremendous life wisdom. Thanks for your idea…

  2. Ok John… (Hi John!)

    1) What helped/helps you to succeed in business? I mean, what are the things that are absolutely necessary for you to succeed? Top three or four.

    2) When does a business person know that it is time to just quit? How low do you go before folding? Who do you consult for ideas?

    2) How do folk of color succeed, communicate with potential customers, colleagues? What turns you off about people that don’t look like you and/or how do those in the minority community need to know about white males…in order to succeed? Real talk.

    3) Business ideas for folk that are inching toward retirement. When should they seriously start planning for their second life…after retirement?

  3. Welcome back!. So in this age where “radical” religious views are blamed for all things bad, and in many ways fundamental Christians are put in the same group as radical Islamists, how are we as fundamental Christians to deal with political “non-conformists” such as Moore in Alabama? Do we support them because they support our core beliefs, or do we shun them because they are creating division and discord and behave in ways that are contrary to our beliefs, thus magnifying the impression that fundamentalists are evil and to be shut down, or do we withdraw from politics and “leave it in Gods’ hands”?

    • Wow! I tell ya…I try to stay away from hot bed topics like this…yowza! Facebook is almost way too much for me nowadays!!! If I had the time, I would start a political/religious blog so that we could all vent and put our ideas out there for debate!

  4. Great Job, John!! I love your videos.
    I am a verbal kind of girl, so encouraging, uplifting words get me going.


  5. Dude! Give yourself some credit. You have FAR more expertise and wisdom than most. You’ve owned your own business for over 20 years and weathered multiple market cycles. It’s been awesome watching you succeed all these years. You read more than anyone I know! I’ve always admired that. Take all of that great info and synthesize it through that PhD brain of yours and maybe share the 3 best takeaways from what you’re reading. From there, it will likely spur multiple other topics of discussion. And don’t apologize for being busy! There are few people on this planet that can keep up with you. Go CRUSH IT!!!

  6. John, my Ford guy, lol. Miss your face!
    I have a dream (don’t we all) – there’s a particular horse farm for sale here and I want to buy it and turn it into a place for (mostly) inner city kids. These kids are making poor decisions, at this very moment, just to survive. Drugs, gangs, prostitution, etc. I KNOW equestrian therapy can change that. We’ve already brought some kids down from our church, and what a difference it’s made for them. Some of them have even gone from failing in school to As and Bs. I’m limited right now on what I can do at this facility because it’s not mine and it is for sale. Are there any grants out there for this kind of project? Donors? Programs? I’ve always wanted to do something to make our younger generation value their self worth, become productive adults, and to understand how important they are. I honestly believe equine therapy can form the kids of today into into amazing adults.

  7. John, my Ford guy, I miss your face!

    Okay so this may not be exactly what you’re looking for but I value your opinion so I figured I would go ahead and hit you up for an idea or suggestion. There is a horse farm in this area that is currently for sale. I’ve used this farm a few times for equestrian therapy for children and teens. I brought out a group of teens from our church and the transition was amazing. A lot of those kids were inner city kids from Dayton and they’re the ones making decisions right now on selling drugs, gang banging, and or prostitution as a way of life. It saddens me to see these young teenagers feeling so much desperation. Anyway long story short, these kids spent the day at the farm with the horses and some of them have even been coming back. Some of those same students who were failing at school are now getting A’s and B’s. I know equestrian therapy can be a huge benefit to our local community as well due to so much heroin and methamphetamine in our area. I want to buy this farm – unfortunately, I’m not certain how to do it. As you know, I was in real estate for 17 years but this is not going to be a conventional loan and done. Are there any programs or grants or donors that you know of? Where would be a good place for me to start?
    Thanks so much John!