It’s FALL – I LOVE This Time of Year!

It’s FALL – I LOVE This Time of Year!


Fall is a time of year – at least for me – where I can re-group after a summer of doing business at break-neck speed.

In my business – (real estate inspections) – the real estate market is hot from March through September then it cools off through October and November.  In our neck of the woods, it basically goes dormant in December and January.  Which is GOOD!

Do you have times in your life or business life where things get a little slower?

DON’T WASTE those times!!!

DON’T VEG OUT and do nothing!!!

These times are good to regain strength and vigor, as well as to re-evaluate, imagine, plan, and set new goals.


October/November is great for me because business has slowed enough that I can catch my breath – hasn’t slowed enough to nothing, but it allows me to think about what has worked, what hasn’t worked; allows me to think of what new things may work and then to try new stuff.

I can finally finish up some books that I am in the middle of reading – (usually 5-8 at once!) and put down on paper what I am learning and what actions I want to implement.

fall fishing

FALL for me allows me to take a few fishing trips to recharge my batteries.  Oh – the pure joy of being out on the boat on crisp mornings and then basking in the warm sun in the afternoons!

THREE Things that I LOVE to do in the fall to set up things for next year:

1.  BLOG – I love to write and brainstorm ideas to write about.  Very relaxing.

2.  IMAGINE – I love to sit out on the front or rear porch in the cool, foggy, mornings and let God take my imagination to places

3.  PLAN – I love to plan out what our next moves are going to be (most coming from the imagining and vision that God gives).  Plan out an execution strategy.

Do you agree?  What is your favorite time of year?

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