Life Strategies for Success – Making Your Days Count!

Don’t you ever wish that your life would have more of an easy FLOW and RHYTHM to it?

Strategies for Success

Start your day in a way that resonates with your inner self.

Want to be successful? 

  • Think about some strategies for success to put into place the very minute you wake up every morning!

SIMPLE, EASY ways to go about your morning that what will set up your day to be a winning day.  No matter what your life looks like – how hectic and crazy it may be…the morning is ALWAYS calm and quiet.

Things to Think About:

  1. Your Spiritual Life.
  2. Your goals.
  3. Your planning.
  4. Your writing.

Strategies for success involve doing those things that nag you deep inside during the day:

  • I wish I would have spent some time with God/Praying/Meditating.
  • I wish I would have taken the time to write down a plan for the day.
  • I wish I could remember what I need to do.
  • I wish I could have time to read that book.
  • I wish I had time to journal.
  • I wish I could focus more on my goals.

Strategies for Success

Strategies for Success Actions:

  1. Successful people wake up early.
  2. Successful people meticulously plan.
  3. Successful people journal.
  4. Successful people read.
  5. Successful people write.
  6. Successful people pray/meditate.
  7. Successful people take massive action!

Need motivation?

  • Figure out how many days you have been alive.
  • Average life expectancy: (CDC Stats-2008)
    • Men:  75.6 years
    • Women:  80.6 years

MEN:  You live 27,594 days

WOMEN:  You live 29,419 days

So How Many Days Do You Have Left?

strategies for success

So let’s get this party started!!!

Strategies for Success Action Points

STARTING YOUR DAY is where it ALL happens:

  1. Wake up early.  Wake up before anyone else in your house does!  IT IS QUIET…
  2. Meditate. while your heart and mind are calm.  Listen to God.  Talk to God.  Develop a conversational intimacy with Him.  Watch the morning unfold…
  3. Write.  Journal – let your feelings from your heart flow.  What has God been saying/doing in your life?  Allow your mind to unleash your ideas and thoughts.  Let your pen flow…Review previous writings from time to time.
  4. Read.  Your Bible.  A Christian book.  A business/self-help/success book.
  5. Set Goals.  Review/Update/Revise your goals…make this a living process.
  6. Plan.  Plan your day.  Review your weekly & monthly plan.  Update/revise.

How much time?  You decide.  If you take 5 minutes for each – that is 25 minutes.  Work up to an hour – which will mean going to bed an hour earlier each day.

So – there you go.  Simple.  Easy.

This will set your heart free.   It will set your mind free.

Then – you will start to KNOW your God and His plans for your life.  You will crystallize your thoughts as you write and let them flow.  Your creativity and new ideas will easily spring from your mind.  Your goals will flow easily which will make your planning precise.

Bottom Line:  Your life will be lived to the fullest!  You will be connected with your God.  Your heart and mind will be free.  Your creativity and ideas will be astounding.  You will be accomplishing things easily and flawlessly!

strategies for success

A Strategy for Success means counting your days and making EVERY one of them count!

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