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6 thoughts on “New Video – The Day After Perfect

  1. This was great! I’ve been doing Weight Watchers this year (my 2017 resolution) & I’ve stuck with it so far! Some of these principles we talk about in our weekly meetings, but this offers some new phrases & fresh looks at the ‘giving up if I don’t meet my goal for today’ attitude. Thanks. I’m gonna keep this in the back of my mind!

  2. WOW! I am a chronic starter and even worse a perfectionist. I look forward to getting to that place where I cut myself some slack the day I have an excuse not to walk one of my five days per week instead of just stopping. I guess I have a new book to read. Thanks John.

    • You can thank me for your excuse forgiveness provision…something the car insurance companies don’t give you! Yeah – keep up your walking, Steve! Bust through those excuses…it’s going to get rainy and windy and snowy!