NORMAL Just Isn’t Getting It Done – Be WEIRD!

Be WEIRD – Get Noticed!

be weird

In today’s culture…the outlandish and brash get the attention….MOST RECENTLY:

Miley Cyrus – Lady Gaga – Even Larry Winget (If you know who he is, comment!  I LOVE Larry Winget, btw!)

Some others:

Terrell Owens – Madonna – Ocho Cinco (Chad Johnson)

OK – enough!  You get the idea!  (Plus – I am dating myself!)

Part of one’s personal growth is realizing how we come across to people – how do they perceive us?  How do people interact with our persona?  In order to grow personally we MUST be tuned in to how our outward actions influence the people who we come in contact with.

I used to have an employee who did not have a clue about how what he said (he talked constantly and did not know when to be quiet) and how his actions influenced our clients.  He talked about things totally unrelated to the task at hand and our clients felt that he was wasting their time…you know, when you want to just roll your eyes and say, “What in the world are you talking about?”!

BUT – you do not want to go to the opposite extreme: as we have all been raised to fit in with the status quo and to not rock the boat.

But in order to have IMPACT you cannot be NORMAL.


YOU – have to venture into the unknown of being WEIRD!

NOT weird as in stupid weird.  But the good kind of weird.

You know – there is a DIFFERENCE!

be weird

  • The not business as usual weird.
  • The makes people laugh weird.
  • The keep things light weird.
  • The don’t sweat the small stuff weird.

If you wake up everyday and everyday is normal – you go to your normal job – you come back to your normal home – you watch your normal TV shows – you eat your normal dinner…



No adventure and No change.

A major part of growing personally is knowing your personality.  And in order to pursue success, you must learn the keys to gain people’s attention.  Does this mean changing your personality?  Well – maybe in some ways – but I like to think of it as stretching and growing your personality which everyone can do!

YOU WILL KEEP YOUR NORMAL LIFE and not do anything ABOVE and BEYOND normal if you do not THINK about how you come across to people and how you impact them.

Everything is comfortable.  Everything is “as expected”.


How are you going to catch peoples eye?

How are you going to get your customer’s attention?

How can you KEEP your client’s attention?

start your adventure

By being a little WEIRD.

There is COMFORT in being normal.  There is stability in the KNOWN.

YOU do NOT want to become stagnant – and this can include your personality.

There is an uneasiness when you are not like everyone else.  There is fear in pursuing the unknown.  Marching to your own drummer takes big kahunas (…so to speak).

NOW – for some of you – all of THIS weird stuff IS NORMAL for you!  GREAT!  Capitalize on it!

BUT – use caution here…you can be TOO weird or else people won’t take you seriously…unless you are in pop culture like our examples at the beginning of this post.

But for those of us who own our own businesses, or who are in marketing and sales – it takes a little something more to stand out from the crowd.

We need to be noticed to be a leader in each our lines of work.

Being a little WEIRD does that.


  • Do not take things toooo seriously.  Lighten things up.
  • Find humor in tense situations to easily cut through the tension.
  • Be Funny – when you have to be.  Easily hang with crazy people.
  • Be approachable – someone who wants to talk to you.
  • Be just a little on the fashionable side – push the limits to the edge for your profession.
  • Use the latest tech stuff.

For some of you this kind of stuff creates some obstacles.

FEAR being the biggest.


  • Of changing “who you are”.
  • Of what people will think of you.
  • Of your family and close friends “not approving”
  • That your colleagues will talk about you.

Is this going to change “who you are” – well, yes…we call that “growth”.  You are pursuing things that are going to propel you to greater success.

Is this going to change your personality?  Probably a little.  Do you want to make changes for the good?

My Story:

If you have read any of my previous blog posts, I sometimes talk about having my eyes opened to becoming a people person.  Was I not a people person before?  Yes.  BUT – I was not aware of pursuing that part of my personality and making it more of who I am.  Did people notice a change in me?  Maybe those closest said I was funnier and more loose and friendly.  But nobody outside of my very close circle would have never known.

How did I do this?

  1. I noticed other people who I thought were exciting and who commanded people’s attention.
  2. I took notes – mentally – and then I concentrated on making the changes to myself.
  3. I took time to THINK.  I thought about what I needed to work on and how I would change.

Now – for some of you – this kind of stuff is a HUGE deal…this is going to seem like you are changing your WHOLE personality.

People Person


  • Don’t make large changes right from the start.
  • Work on small things at first.
  • Then work on those small things more.
  • Then those small things become larger things…

And eventually – over a period of time – you have made some large changes that are now of a benefit to you!  (AND nobody has even noticed!)  Your friends and family just see you as an improved you…NO BIG DEAL!



1.  Outline what you want to change.  Set some goals.

2.  Put a time frame on each change

– week 1 & 2 work on part A….week 3 & 4 add part B, etc.

3.  Create a Picture of how you want this all to look at the end.  Make it detailed.

4.  Go for it with GUSTO!

AND I emphasize again – GO FOR IT WITH GUSTO….or else you won’t do it…


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