Personal Development – 6 Ways to Stay Relevent

6 Ways Personal Development

Have you ever returned to a high school reunion after a lengthy period of time and met some of your old classmates for the first time since you graduated?

I am sure that you met some that are exactly the same as when you left school!  They are in the same old rut they were a long time ago…never changing…still living in their “high school dreams”.

I am sure that you met some that brought a “Wow!  They have really changed – for the better!” thought to your mind.  They have succeeded in life and have grown beyond expectations of what you knew about them when they were growing up with you.

THAT – is the difference Personal Development makes!

If we don’t grow and change, life will leave us in the dust.

If we do not grow and change – we become stale, stagnant, and stinky!

BUT – changing and growing means that you are going to be outside of your comfort zone.

John Maxwell said one time, “If we are growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.”  Click to Tweet

Always Growing

If you are outside of your comfort zone – that is good…at least you know you are pressing yourself into new territory!

Do you know people who refuse to learn how to use a computer…or how to use a cell phone?  OR – how to type?  Properly?




You will be uncomfortable doing it, but the upside results are well worth your effort and attention!

Stay Relevent

Reasons for Staying Relevent:

1.  Business success.

2.  Personal/Life success.

3.  Keep up with the grandkids.

4.  So you can know how to e-mail and do Facebook : )

5.  So you can continue to have a positive impact in the lives of people around you.

Personal Development

6 Ways to Stay Relevent

1.  READ

Personal Development means that you need to read.  Successful people are well-read.

I recommend that you read on a variety of topics:  Spiritual, Success, History/Biography of successful people.  Reading keeps your mind open to new information and helps you learn new ideas.


Personal Development means that you solidify what you are learning.  Write down what you are learning and Sort your Thoughts.

I recommend that you journal about all aspects of your life:  spiritual, physical, relationships, & business/occupation.  This helps you to get your thoughts out of your mind and in front of your eyes.  This helps to cement your thoughts and collect your emotions.


Personal Development means that you challenge your mind and think.

John Maxwell has his thinking chair.  Find a place where you can get away where it is quiet and you can think and process your thoughts.  Again – write down your thoughts and ideas.  This will help spark creativity in many areas of your life.

4.  PLAN

Personal Development means that you plan your days.

Robert D. Smith has a new book out called “20,000 Days and Counting”.  I highly recommend this book as he talks about “numbering your days” as we are told to do in the Bible.  This means planning out your days so that you can be most effective and accomplish much!


Personal Development means that you set goals for your life.

In order to have the most impact in your life, you must have something to shoot for.  As the saying goes “Aim for the moon, even if you miss you will be among stars.”


Personal Development means that you have discipline in your life.

In order to grow personally, you have to have discipline to do the little things in life to make a BIG difference down the road.

Personal Development

IN ORDER to grow personally, you need to pursue larger waters.  If you stay in the same little bowl that you are in, you will not grow.

ENLARGE your mind.

EXPAND your thinking.

ENLIST discipline.

ENGAGE your reading.


What are you doing to allow you to grow?

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