Poll: Are Business People More Unprofessional Now?

Poll:  Are Business People More Unprofessional Now?


I just had an experience that rankled me to the extreme edges of my psyche.

I had a “professional” that refers clients to us once in a while try to strong arm me and leverage me for a discount for their client.

In a VERY rude manner.

I guess I don’t mind clients asking for a discount – you know, military discount, senior discount, etc…but when the referring entity asks for one – and they really don’t send us much business and they are trying to use what little leverage they have like they are Donald Trump?

Just doesn’t sit well with me!

NOW – most everybody knows about reciprocal business and such like that where you send me business, and I will take care of your clients and I send you business and you take care of my clients.  Well – in this instance – this professional acted very unprofessional by trying to strong arm me into giving his client a discount.  He had no leverage whatsoever to do so.  And he was demanding one.  The client – he was indifferent and was not asking or seeking a discount – so I was left dumbfounded as to why he would even try such antics.

“Well – I’ll think about it.”  Was my reply on the phone to him after he asked for a discount.

  • The discount asked for was fairly substantial – in the 15-20% range.

“NO,  I need to know NOW whether or not you are going to give him a discount.”  He replied.

“I really have not thought about it and I am not prepared to make a decision right this moment.”  I replied.

“OK…well then…I WILL take care of it.”   Was his reply…sending me a message that I was not honoring his referral and really causing harm to his client!   (AND making me feel that I am doing him a disservice and that I probably would not be getting any more referrals from him.)

The phone conversation ended.

I IMMEDIATELY said good-bye to his client and left.  I did not finish or continue with the work that we were there to do…and did not tell the professional that I was no longer servicing his client…he can just find out on his own!

I hope he can find someone else to strong arm.

NOW – what’s the whole point of this?

YES – ok…I am venting a little, but the whole point is that this professional does not understand the dynamics of leverage and “what have you done for me lately” as I had not heard from him in months.  He had not built up his account with me or, for that matter, deserved any special “deal”.

He was not a regular referring client – one that just shows up now ant then.

No body demands favors or discounts from people that they do not work with on a regular basis…emphasis on DEMAND.  RUDE in fact.  Slap in the face to my professionalism by his attitude basically saying to me – your services are not worth what you charge and I demand a lower price for my client.

It seemed to me that he was trying to portray to his client that he was a “BIG HITTER” and that he can swing good deals for him…at my expense.

With no leverage.

Unprofessionalism is easily spotted by the following SEVEN Actions:

  • Acting unprofessional is spotted when one does not know how to act professionally with ALL of their interactions.
  • Acting unprofessional is spotted when one does not know how to control their emotions.
  • Acting unprofessional is spotted when one does not know how to communicate politely.
  • Acting unprofessional is spotted when one does not know how to observe polite etiquette in business situations.
  • Acting unprofessional is spotted with a “dead fish” handshake.
  • Acting unprofessional is spotted when one does not dress in accordance with their profession and is sloppy and messy.
  • Acting unprofessional is spotted when one does not take ownership of their work.



For Example:  I just had a REGULAR referrer who wanted to hire us to do some work for his son.

He did not ask for a discount.

What he received since he is a VERY regular referrer and great referral base for our business was FREE service from us.

(Why FREE?  Because in my line of work we cannot offer “kickbacks” or give “favors” for their business referral and this is a very rare occasion that we can actually “give” something to him in sincere appreciation of all of the work he sends our way.)

HE WAS so humbled and did not want to accept it…

THAT – IS – HOW – GREAT – PROFESSIONALS respond and act!

IT is our pleasure to serve him!

NOW – BACK to our poll:  What is your vote?

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  1. I got a response to this from the NACHI website, and it’s a hoot to see the look on their face when you use it…. “Obviously there are circumstances that warrent a discount for this client. I will be more than happy to give them the same discount of my services as you gave them. What percentage was that?