Rock Your Personal Growth Plan

Your Success Depends on Your Growth!

Just the fact that you are reading this tells me that I do not need to talk you into having a personal growth plan.

You BELIEVE in your Personal Growth!

I made a decision about 3 years ago to make sure that I was consistently growing.  I made a decision to wake up earlier in the morning to start my day off right.

personal growth

Here is what I do each morning to execute my Personal Growth Plan:

  • Quite time to talk and listen to God.  I sit in the quiet of the morning and talk to God.  I bring before Him things that He is speaking to me about and what questions I am asking Him.  Then I sit and listen.  Praying not only means speaking – but just like any conversation, it needs to be a two-way conversation, right?
  • I Read the Bible or a “Christian” book.  One book that helps me connect with God is “Walking With God” by John Eldredge.  John gives great examples from his journaling about how he has a conversational intimacy with God in his day to day experiences.  This helps bring “real-ness” to my relationship with the God of the universe as He desires to have an intimate relationship with me.
  • Journaling.  This is where I write down thoughts and what God is teaching me and saying to me.
  • Review Goals.  I keep my goals in front of me.  I keep them in Evernote (which is a fantastic free app, by the way).  I have weekly goals, monthly goals, and yearly goals that I review daily and adjust/update.  My long range goals get reviewed 3-4 times per year.
  • Review Ideas.  I also keep a note in Evernote on ideas that I have.  I write them down in Evernote anytime I have one and I always have access to them.  In the morning, I review and think about each one.  I generate and think about blog writing ideas, business ideas, family ideas, etc.  I develop them in my next step.
  • Think/Plan.  I use the rest of my morning time to think and plan.  I have a note pad that I can write and re-hash ideas, or things that I am working on that need to have thought and wisdom applied.  If there are areas in my life where I am developing things…things like family stuff, business items…this is where I crystallize and develop action plans.
  • Review my upcoming schedule for the day.  I look to see what I am doing for the day and who I will be meeting.  I review and think about what I am going to have to have prepared and finalize these items.

personal growth

What I have just outlined is more work than most people do in an entire day!  But what happens each morning when built upon little by little every morning ends up mounting to a HUGE impact in my life.  This puts me light years ahead of where I would be if I did not do any of these things otherwise!



The following is what I do before I go to bed each night:

  • Think about what happened during the day.  I critique my day.  Is there anything that I need to put on my action plan/schedule for the following day or week(s)?  I make sure this gets where it needs to be on my schedule.  Are there things that I need to learn from what happened to me?  Are there things where I need to get better?  Are there things where I had a big WIN?  Who did I meet?  Who do I need to meet?  I write all of this in Evernote so I don’t forget.
  • Read.  I usually have 2-3 books that I am reading and I pick one up that is lighting my fire recently.  I try to read as long as I am coherent…
  • Pray.  I thank God for what He brought me during the day and I pray for the things and people that are brought to my mind.

personal growth

John Maxwell talks often about his “thinking chair”.  This is his place where he spends time THINKING.  As a whole, I believe most people do not do enough of this.  We tend to keep things filed away in our heads and do not spend time thinking and applying wisdom.  The easiest thing to do is to just let life happen to us.

You know – the biggest thing for success is not doing HUGE tasks well…it is doing the LITTLE THINGS consistently every day that amount to HUGE WINS over time.  Wisdom is gained.  Relationships solidified.  And success is built.  LITTLE BY LITTLE.  John Maxwell has said that the only difference between himself and anybody else is that he has done little things everyday year in and year out.

Little Things!


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So – What have you learned?

Now – What are you going to do about it?

What is your Personal Growth Plan?  I would love to hear about it!

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