NEW VLOG: Your ONE Thing – Right Now

What Are You Focusing on Today?

Your one thing

Hey everybody…just wanted to introduce you to a new VLOG (video blog) that I am starting…hoping that this will be exciting for many of you as it is to me doing these!  YouTube channel coming shortly. In light of a GREAT book that I am actually reading right now – “The ONE Thing” by Gary […]

WHYDentity – Your WHY for Your WHAT

Your Growth Depends on Figuring This Out!

WHYDentity.  I just heard this term Sunday from my Pastor. Got me thinking… Most people really don’t know WHY they do WHAT they do.  Too many people float through life in a blind fog with no rhyme or reason.  They kinda know WHAT they want – but not WHY they want it. Your WHY Matters. […]

5.5 Ways to Supercharge Your Personal Growth

You Don't Grow Just By Growing Old!

Supercharge Your Personal Growth

So – Here we are…at the end of January of a New Year! Are your New Year’s Resolutions still intact? Further down this post I am going to give you 5.5 ways to supercharge your growth NOW…EASY ways to change up your routine and grow. Before we go any further…I need to make sure that […]

Home Inspection Business Marketing

Home Inspection Business Marketing

Home Inspection Business Marketing Home Inspectors are a dime a dozen. Everyone who used to be a contractor for 30 years now thinks they are qualified as a home inspector. This makes for a very crowded marketplace! SO HOW ARE YOU GOING TO STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD? So…you are a home inspector – or […]

Referral Network – 6 Keys to Creating Loyalty

referral network

Referral Network – 6 Keys to Cultivating Loyalty If you have fans – they are your referral network! CrEaTe FaNs… In my business of home inspections, the key to creating fans is to conduct our business services in a manner that resonates with our clients and our referral network. ONCE we created fans – our […]