The Trump Inauguration – 10 Observations

Change - It All Starts With YOU!

people skills

This is NOT a POLITCAL post…read on… Here we are!  On the cusp of another Presidential term full of what some see as hope and change.  I am excited to see what this might mean. Others are full of fear and trepidation.  Understandably so. At the beginning of the Obama terms in 2008 & 2012, […]

The Voices in My Head

I Learned A lot This Weekend...

Your Mind is a Powerful Thing

We all have the little voices/thoughts in our head.  Those voices that tell us good things – and thoughts that can also hold us back or hold us down.  What do you do with them? Some of those voices are good for us.  Those voices and thoughts that are positive and affirm our worth.  Some […]

5 Communication Skills – They Didn’t Teach You This – Part 2

Communication Skills

5 Communication Skills – They Didn’t Teach You This! Communication Skills Are Needed to Direct This is PART 2 of a series on Communication Skills.  You may want to check out Part 1 from an earlier Post. Great Communicators are successful in life. Why is that? 1.  Communication Skills are needed to direct. 2.  Communication Skills are needed […]

5 Communication Skills – They Didn’t Teach You This…PART 1

communication skills

Communication Skills THEY DIDN’T TEACH YOU THIS! This is about COMMUNICATING – one on one – or in front of small groups. Great communicators are successful in life. FIRST – I want to take a poll: Despite what you may believe – It IS what it IS – RIGHT? Why is that? 1.  Communication Skills […]