The Trump Inauguration – 10 Observations

Change - It All Starts With YOU!

people skills

This is NOT a POLITCAL post…read on… Here we are!  On the cusp of another Presidential term full of what some see as hope and change.  I am excited to see what this might mean. Others are full of fear and trepidation.  Understandably so. At the beginning of the Obama terms in 2008 & 2012, […]

5.75 Ideas for your Elevator Speech

Elevator Speech

5.75 Ideas for your 30 Second Commercial So do you have a 30 Second Elevator Speech? What do you say to someone who asks you: “What line of work are you in?” “I work at Starbucks” Would a better response be:  “I am a coffee engineer and I am always looking to make different things!” […]