Ditch Your Attempts at a Balanced Life!

A Balanced Life - There's No Such Thing!

Balanced Life

We all strive for that “balanced life”, don’t we? We all want that peace between our work life and our own “real” life.  We want to spend equal amounts of time on each with neither infringing on the other. After reading this chapter in Gary Keller’s book – “The ONE Thing”, I am thrilled to […]

Your ONE Thing Series – #4

Willpower - Why Link Your Success to Something that isn't Always There?


Most of us do not understand willpower.  “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” is not as simple as it may seem.  When it comes to willpower – timing IS everything. Gary Keller, author of “The ONE Thing”, the book that I am highlighting in this “Your ONE Thing” Series talks about several studies that […]

The Trump Inauguration – 10 Observations

Change - It All Starts With YOU!

people skills

This is NOT a POLITCAL post…read on… Here we are!  On the cusp of another Presidential term full of what some see as hope and change.  I am excited to see what this might mean. Others are full of fear and trepidation.  Understandably so. At the beginning of the Obama terms in 2008 & 2012, […]

What Would You Do Differently in 2016?

Take some time to think about what went well and what you want to change

If you want to improve your life and do things that you really want to do you have to think about your life. So – I challenge you to take some quiet time and really think about what went well for you this past year and what did not go so well. Think about what […]

3 Super Bowl 50 Leadership Lessons

Personal Growth Means Learning From Others

super bowl 50

Being a professional and college sports fan allows one to observe leadership at elite levels.  Coaches and players alike are on a world stage.  Great examples of world class leadership and world class examples of poor leadership are all on display for the conscious observer! Super Bowl 50 was one such sporting event to see […]