5.75 Ideas for your Elevator Speech

Elevator Speech

5.75 Ideas for your 30 Second Commercial So do you have a 30 Second Elevator Speech? What do you say to someone who asks you: “What line of work are you in?” “I work at Starbucks” Would a better response be:  “I am a coffee engineer and I am always looking to make different things!” […]

Referral Network – 6 Keys to Creating Loyalty

referral network

Referral Network – 6 Keys to Cultivating Loyalty If you have fans – they are your referral network! CrEaTe FaNs… In my business of home inspections, the key to creating fans is to conduct our business services in a manner that resonates with our clients and our referral network. ONCE we created fans – our […]

Do What You Love

Do What You Love

Live Your Dream – How to Do What You Love Why don’t we do what we like doing?  We are stuck.  Just doing what HAS to be done because that is WHAT life is… Our lives are so crazy-hectic-topsy turvy-drama-work-to-the-bone. So what happened?   How can you do what you love? When the passion to […]

5 Ways You Are Scaring Your Clients – Business Strategy 101

Your business strategy should be all about adding value to your clients.  If you are not adding value – then what are you charging your clients for? In the home inspecting world there are many unknowns. There is a lot that you cannot see. As a home inspector, your job is to offer your professional […]