Be Guilt-FREE: Don’t Do New Year’s Resolutions!

Throw OUT your NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS - Do This Instead...

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Are you DONE with New Year’s Resolutions? So am I…here’s why: Goals do not mean a thing if you have no real intention of going after them! BIG Goals require an enormous amount of energy with intention and massive action to attain them. (Even what you might consider to be “little” goals are a waste of time if […]

Work on Your Strengths NOT your Weaknesses!

GROW to be WORLD-CLASS in your Strengths!


Our biggest tendency is to want to work on our weaknesses. We figure that we can become a better person if we improve those areas of our life that we consider not to be our best. THROW ALL THAT OUT THE WINDOW! Contrary to popular belief, you are going to be MOST successful if you […]