The POWER of Rituals in your Routine

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I have been thinking through my daily routine.

I used to not been happy with my routine.  I finally sat down to really think through it and make some changes.  I now feel that I should re-evaluate my routine on a regular basis – maybe quarterly to make sure I am maximizing my day.

My Daily Routine

WHY are ROUTINES Powerful?

Because we are creatures of habit.

THIS is especially apparent when my schedule gets really busy.  I need to have things that I do automatically because I can do them faster and more efficiently.  I don’t stand in the middle of the living room wondering what I have to do next just to get out of the house in the morning!

What we do without thinking – just naturally, with no effort can really impact our daily lives.

I believe that most people just blindly go about their day without thinking.

It is usually referred to as a RUT!

Are you in a RUT?  I was…

Ruts are places in our everyday life that go nowhere and offer no progress toward our goals.  Sometimes we get in to ruts in certain areas of our lives that we just can’t seem to elevate to the positive side.  Sometimes we lapse into these ruts without knowing it and without thinking, just like I did.

With a little evaluation, we can progressively alter our routines and get us into GOOD RUTS or what I like to refer to as RITUALS.

RITUALS are just new habits…Good habits.

Here is what I am evaluating in my life:

Morning Rituals

FIRST – I want to improve my MORNING ritual.  What do I do in the morning that can help me start my day with a BOOM?

1.  Wake up EARLY.

2.  Meditate/Pray/Listen to God/Read Bible  this is the quietest my heart and head are going to be….

3.  Write – Journal/Blog.

4.  Read – I typically like to read some spiritual stuff and some business/self improvement stuff in the morning.

5.  Review Ideas – Think/Brainstorm/Slash/Distill/Sharpen/Implement

6.  Review Goals – Evaluate/Re-position/Set new

7.  Plan – Day/Mid-range/Long-range

Nightly Rituals

SECOND – I want to improve my NIGHTLY ritual.  What I do to wrap up my day can help me improve for tomorrow.

1.  Review what happened during the day.

2.  Critique my day – how did I handle the days activities and my response to those happenings.  Who did I meet?  Do I need to connect with them again?  Make adds/adjustments to schedule.

3.  Make adjustments/changes – journal my feelings and document my thoughts.

4.  Read – Typically I like to read a self improvement or a spiritual book.

Daily thought and evaluation will help you go far in improving your life and to help you keep moving toward your goals.

Think about your routine.  What do you need to start/stop doing daily?

REMEMBER:  Just doing a little every day adds up to big improvement over time!

What did I learn

What I need to know from you:

  1. Do you have rituals?
  2. What do you do daily to grow?

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