Top 5 Personal Development books – January/February 2015

Your Personal Growth Matters to Your Success

If you are not growing, you are going backward.

You have to be intentional about your growth.  You do not grow by growing old.

We all need to be consistently growing.  If you are a leader, you have to be growing in order to keep your team on their A-Game!

One of John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is the Law of the Lid.  This describes the limit of a leaders leadership is his own level of leading.  If the leader is at a level of 6 in his leadership, the team or business that he is leading can never get above a level of 5.  In order to grow his organization and team, the leader MUST keep growing!

Leaders must keep growing

A leader that grows MUST be reading.

  • Read information about his trade and industry.
  • Read personal growth blogs and books.
  • Read leadership blogs and books.


What are the top 5 personal development books that I have or am reading in January & February 2015?

  1. “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions” – John C. Maxwell
  2. “The Power of 100! Kickstart Your Dreams, Build Momentum, and Discover Unlimited Possibility” – Shaun King
  3. “Essentialism” – Greg McKeown
  4. “7 Tenets of Taxi Terry – How Every Employee Can Create and Deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience” – Scott McKain
  5. “Kill the Elevator Speech” – Felicia J. Slattery

Will I get ALL of these books read by February 28?  No.

Does that matter?  No.

But what does matter is that I am learning and expanding my mind and adding new ideas to process.

Mind Mush

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I may just post a book review in the near future…will that help you to digest some material easier?  I know that just the process of me writing a book review… allows me to process the information a lot better! (NOW – didn’t you hate to write book reports in school??? Haha!  I know I sure did!)

I also plan on putting out a list of the blogs that I read regularly…some of you may be more inclined to read blogs than actual books – which is also great!

So, here is what I need to know from you:

  1. Do you want me to write a book review?
  2. Which one of the above books would you like to hear about?
  3. What book(s) are you reading now?


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