What Would You Do Differently in 2016?

Take some time to think about what went well and what you want to change

If you want to improve your life and do things that you really want to do you have to think about your life.

So – I challenge you to take some quiet time and really think about what went well for you this past year and what did not go so well.

  • Think about what you did that you set out to do and you actually did it.
  • Think about what you never really got around to doing but really wished you did.
  • Think about your bucket list – what are your “pipe dreams” that you want to do.

OR –

  1. Would you eat better?
  2. Would you enjoy your journey more and not focus so much on the process?
  3. Would you not sweat all the details?
  4. Do you need to focus more on what really matters?
  5. What DOES really matter?
  6. Would you call your mom/dad more?
  7. Would you spend more time with your wife or kids?
  8. Would you SCHEDULE more down time to do what you REALLY love?

BUT the challenge to all of this is that you have to be able to sit down and concentrate and think.

THAT is the challenge…

Happy New Year to you and yours.  Thank you so much for reading and hanging with me on my blog this year.

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6 thoughts on “What Would You Do Differently in 2016?

  1. Great inquiry John! You’re spot-on! A few things I set out to do in 2016 did happen and a few did not! So, keeping the momentum and will make the others happen this year!

    Keep the blogs coming! & thanks for doing the email notification, so I can know when you’ve got a new one!

    Happy New Year, my friend!