Where Do Your Ideas Go?

Captured Ideas Lead to GREAT Ideas! Your Growth Depends on Them!

Where Do Your Ideas Go?

It happened to me the other day – the week before Christmas…I was walking through the mall and passed this specialty store that was a brand new store.  The store had a really cool, catchy name and a flashy store front.

Very inviting.  GREAT Gift Products…

BUT – the store was empty!  No customers.

This was during the week before Christmas!  The mall was PACKED!

Then I noticed it.

The clerk was just hunched over the counter oblivious to everything, obviously just playing on her phone.

A FLOOD of ideas went through my mind about what could be done better.  And…since I know the owner of the store, I told myself I am going to have to get in touch and tell her my observations and some ideas.

………..then……….I forgot


WE all have ideas that go through our minds – ALL the time.

Sometimes those ideas come at inconvenient times…times where we can’t write them down.  Like waking up in the middle of the night and trying to remember the vivid dream that you just had…it just fades away…poof!

HOW do you capture those ideas?

I used to just let those ideas go through my mind and would think – “Oh, yeah – that was a good idea!  I will have to remember that one.”

THEN when it came to remember that idea – IT WAS GONE.

Oh – and when IS that time when I was “going to remember” that idea?

Capture Your Ideas

I believe that the difference between “normal” people and people who create success and growth in their lives is that Growth People actually have a way to capture their ideas AND implement them.

IDEAS do not have to be these earth shaking, change the world ideas…MOST ideas that can make changes in your life are small, little ideas that can easily be implemented in your life – THAT – over time, when compiled with other small, little ideas – make HUGE (pronounced “Hew-Jah”) changes in your life and affect your success GREATLY!

Make Your Ideas Work For You

  • Write down your ideas on your phone, iPad, or use EVERNOTE (See Below).
  • Have a regular THINKING time.
    • Sort your ideas.
    • Review them
    • Re-hash them
    • Improve them – Re-iterate them
    • Think and create more ideas off of them…use them to brainstorm
    • Let them percolate in your mind
    • Review regularly

But how can we CAPTURE even these “little” tidbits and nuggets that can make these huge changes?


I use Evernote.

I use Evernote on my iMac, MacBook Pro,  iPhone, and iPad!

The best thing about this is that it uses the cloud to synch between any number of devices that you have your account set up with.



I get some great ideas as I am laying in bed at night thinking over the day…

BAM!  I have my iPhone/iPad on my nightstand to drop those thoughts in there!

Sometimes I get great ideas when I am waking up in the morning – again – iPhone/iPad there on the nightstand!


If you have read any of my previous posts, I like to spend time in the mornings to think and review goals and ideas.  Those thoughts and ideas go in Evernote on my Macbook Pro or on my iMac or iPad – whichever is closer.

Evernote is everywhere I am.  If you Google Evernote there are Evernote fanatics springing up everywhere!  I am sure that I am only scratching the surface of its’ capabilities myself…but it works wonders for me!



I hope you are a morning person…

I would suggest that your success time in the mornings have the following:

  1. Time to meditate & pray.  Talk to God…let Him talk to you.  Let Him be close to you.
  2. Goals
    1. Review Goals for the day, week, month, year.  How are you doing?  Update.
    2. Plan.  Write down action plans that need to take place today to accomplish your goals for today and adjust game plans for your future goals as needed.
  3. Thinking Time
    1. Evaluate how your goals are proceeding.  Encountering problems?  Hash them out.
  4. Idea Time
    1. Review your ideas that you have itemized in Evernote.  Evaluate each one:
      • Should it be trashed?  No? File under appropriate subject in Evernote.
      • Should I keep it?  File under appropriate subject in Evernote.  Follow up later.
      • Review subject ideas in Evernote…evaluate and think about them.  Massage each idea…what should you do next?  Bounce the idea off trusted people?

When I take time in the mornings, I have a time where I think about different aspects of my life or “blocks” as I like to call them.  In each of these “blocks” I may be thinking of different options or trying to solve a problem.  I jot all of my ideas in Evernote.

THEN – I review these ideas, and previous ideas and figure out what I am going to do with them.

1.  Trash them?

2.  Act on them?

3.  Let them Percolate?

Great thing about Evernote…you can keep your stream of thinking and always go back and review.

This helps greatly as you crystallize your ideas into your NEXT GREAT IDEA!


Cultivate Your Ideas

So – What have you learned?

Now – What are you going to do about it?

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Love to hear your thoughts on this…what do you do?

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  1. I agree with you entirely because I have experienced many of your thoughts/suggestions on how to succeed. Behind those excellent ideas we might spell out a universal truth: that however one defines success, it is ultimately achieved through discipline, hard work, devotion, tenacity, and ability/skill. Thanks for shariing your experience. Elizabeth Harden