WHYDentity – How to Find YOUR WHY!

What resonates from deep down inside you?

Do You Know Your Why


Do you find yourself stalled in life?  Do you find yourself not really knowing which path to take?  OR – do you know that there is more to life than where you are right now?

They say that the TWO MOST important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out WHY you were born.

Do you REALLY know YOUR why?

If you DO, you will KNOW:

  1. Knowing your WHY finds the path for your journey.
  2. Knowing your WHY provides you extreme energy for your journey.
  3. Knowing your WHY gives you awesome focus for your journey.
  4. Knowing your WHY keeps your priorities straight while on your journey.
  5. Knowing your WHY connects you to others.
  6. Knowing your WHY moves you to grow toward your potential.
  7. Knowing your WHY is your PASSION.

How to find your WHY:

Sometimes it is advantageous to ask yourself questions…HOWEVER, I believe that we can get ourselves in the wrong place by forcing the WHY issue.

  • We need to listen to our life.
  • We need to listen to our heart.
  • We need to feel our passion.

Our WHY is emotion-based.  Actually answering a bunch of questions with facts does not allow us to evaluate our emotions and feelings effectively.

PAYING attention to our life and feeling our hearts passions leads us directly to our WHY

So what does this mean?

  • Slow down.
  • Take a break.
  • Think.
  • Write.
  • Talk to spouse/friends.
  • Plan.
  • Move toward it.

Usually figuring this out is not going to happen overnight.  We need time to process.  We need to have time for it to come to us…time to allow us to put the pieces together.

Doing to following can help:

  • Ask 1-3 people that know you the best (and who are HONEST with you) what they see in you as your “sweet spot”.
    • Sometimes hearing it from someone else helps to confirm or to clarify in your mind what you are feeling…
      • OR – more commonly…some of us DO NOT BELIEVE in ourself and do not trust what we feel to be real or worth pursuing because we are “not good” enough for that, or we “do not deserve” that.
  • Look back at your life.
    • What times in your life were you “fully alive”?
      • What were you doing?
      • Where were you?
      • Who were you with?
    • What was it about those times that brought out the “life” in you?
    • As you look over those times – are there several common denominators that run between them?
  • Has there always been that “SOMETHING” that you wished you could do or could be?

If I have opened up a new world to you…don’t worry.  My post for next week is going to process this further.


  1. Sit down with some time to think and process this week.
  2. Be aware of your life – what are you feeling/doing/thinking throughout the day?
  3. Start to write stuff down so that you can start to connect the pieces.

So – What Have Your Learned?

Now – What Are You Going To Do About It?



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5 thoughts on “WHYDentity – How to Find YOUR WHY!

  1. Heavy. Not sure the why is constant. I’m thinking my “why” has morphed over time, each stage of life having different why’s? But not really sure. Also struggling with the concept that emotions drive the why. my experience is that emotions get us in trouble…..

    • Good point about the WHY not necessarily being constant – UNLESS – it is the major theme for your life? Some have a WHY for their life that they pursue and are guided by. Some, as you point our have different WHYs for different stages of their life – which I think is excellent!

      Emotions – if your are referring to listening to our hearts and taking stock of what our desires or passions are can be very telling about how we “are wired”. This is the stuff that allows us to work from our “Sweet Spot”.

  2. Growing up I have always been a wall flower, too afraid to talk to people. As I got older,the flower started to come off the wall, little by little, but never totally. Have always asked God why can’t I be like others and run with words from the mouth. Someday I may know, but for now….
    A lot to think about on this on John.

    • Good stuff, Tina!

      God made you the way you are. God uses flowers wherever they are! As you grow – you learn more and more about yourself and why you may be the way you are and THAT is what and where God can use you as you find your WHY. Just because you feel others are “better” because they are not “wall flowers” doesn’t mean they are “better” than you!

      But for now…you be the YOU you are most comfortable with and listen you your heart and to God and if he takes you to places you are not as comfortable with – like “coming off the wall”, go with it…sometimes that is not very comfortable, but sometimes that is how we learn about our why, no matter what stage in life we are in.