WHYDentity – Your WHY for Your WHAT

Your Growth Depends on Figuring This Out!


WHYDentity.  I just heard this term Sunday from my Pastor.

Got me thinking…

Most people really don’t know WHY they do WHAT they do.  Too many people float through life in a blind fog with no rhyme or reason.  They kinda know WHAT they want – but not WHY they want it.

Your WHY Matters.

Your WHYDentity is even more important.

If we don’t have a WHYDentity, then we become lost in a sea of good endeavors when we wish we were leading a world of great mission.

If we don't have a WHYDentity, then we become lost in a sea of good endeavors when we wish we were leading a world of great mission. Click To Tweet

Some of us receive a boost to our self esteem from WHAT we do and are known by WHAT we do.  Our WHYDentity blends a powerful synergy when we know the WHY of WHAT we do.

This tremendous synergy between our WHY and the WHAT is the superconductor where power flows from the WHY deep inside of us out to the WHAT of what we are called to do.  Unexplainable connections and successes are manifested in our lives when our WHYDentity is realized within our hearts.

There is enormous power in pursuing the things that we KNOW God wants us to do:

  • FULLFILLMENT – nothing can match it.
  • PURPOSE – we KNOW we are doing what we are supposed to be doing.
  • CLEAR VISION – we SEE where we are going.
  • IMPACT/INFLUENCE – Doors open – Hearts open – Minds open
  • LEGACY – Lasting change – Lasting relationship – Lasting prodigy

The natural tendency is for us to focus on our WHAT.  That is really the way we have been taught to think.  Focus on WHAT we want and then go for it with all you have.

What if the WHAT is $money?  A historical view of money shows us that it became a substitute for the exchange of goods and services in a barter economy.  People became focused on accumulating the money instead of providing a product or service in exchange for other products or services that they in turn needed, thus clouding the WHY (the goods that you made – or the service that you provided.) with WHAT (money).

This type of behavior leads to disillusionment, unfulfillment, and burnout.  Especially when we find that when we actually attain our “WHAT” it doesn’t give us the fulfillment that we had hoped it would.

ACTUALLY – some of these “WHAT” things may actually be good things!  Which also can fog up our real focus – and we become disillusioned when we are not “feeling” the fulfillment deep inside of us.

The ONE BIG REASON we need to know our WHY and then let everything else flow from that – is that our WHY is more about the JOURNEY than it is the FINAL DESTINATION.

The WHY is emotional.  The WHAT is material.  The WHY is more about what we are becoming, influencing, impacting, transforming, and improving than it is about a final physical DESTINATION.

If you are a person of faith like myself, the number one key then becomes knowing what God wants us to be doing – and then obeying.  Simply KNOWING – gives power to finding your WHY


Now – how do you find out your WHY?  (And that’s WHY you will want to check out next week’s post! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “WHYDentity – Your WHY for Your WHAT

  1. Great thoughts, John. This is a personal challenge I’ve been dealing with for the past few weeks. I’ve had to postpone and undo some of the WHAT’s in order to more clearly focus on the WHY’s. In fact, in pursuing the WHAT’s, I lost sight of the WHY’s, and ultimately it’s the WHY’s that are the driving mission in life.

    • Right on, Mark…I totally agree. When the real estate crash happened, I went through a 2-3 year re-evaluation of my WHY(s) and – actually…this is one of the outcomes of that!

  2. Never really thought about the Why when doing the What. Now I will be thinking of why I want to do something and not because it is my job to do it.