Your ONE Thing Series – #2

To-Do Lists

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To-do lists.

We all have them.  Some of you LOVE your to-do lists!  Some of you cannot stand a to-do list…mainly because it reminds you of your honey-do list!

To-do lists really do not help us accomplish the ONE thing that is the most important thing.  To-do lists are filled with a bunch of trivial tasks that are really not that important to your overall main goal that you are trying to accomplish.

BUT John, you say…it makes me feel like I am getting stuff done!

You are!  Just not getting done what NEEDS to be getting done!

To-do lists are a collection of our best intentions…which gives some of you nightmares and reminds you of how inept you are at getting minutia completed!  Ha-ha!

BOTTOM LINE:  Gary Keller – author of The ONE Thing suggests that we create a SUCCESS LIST.  This is a list that is purposely created around extraordinary results.  I am using this now and it is working some amazing magic!

  • To-do lists tend to be long.  Success-lists are short.
  • To-do’s pull you in all different directions, success-lists aim you in a direction.
  • One is a disorganized directory, the other is an organized directive.


Have you heard of the Pareto Principle?  It states that 20% of effort produces 80% of the results.  Relating to our Success List – this means that just doing a few of the right things will produce most of the desired reward.  In layman’s terms:  The majority of what you want will come from the minority of your actions.

Everything does not matter equally.

You need to drill down and figure out how to prioritize your tasks.

The following is what Gary Keller says was the key to really creating success and doing what matters.

  1. Take your to-do list and narrow it down to 20%.  What really needs to be done?
  2. Whittle it down even further…take that 20% and narrow it down to 20% of that 20%.
  3. Still have 2-3 things left?
  4. Which one of the 2-3 tasks still left is THE ONE essential task that MUST be done?



P.S. – watch for the weekly Your ONE Thing-Right Now video on Thursday.  This week is going to be one of the racquetball players that I coach – Pastor Doug Graham!

Comment below and let me know what your ONE Thing is – RIGHT NOW!


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6 thoughts on “Your ONE Thing Series – #2

  1. John, I am thoroughly enjoying the VLOG and ONE THING Success List theory. I am a “to-do”list freak 🙂 I’m implementing for 60 days in hopes of clearing the mental clutter that comes along with daily failures at the minutia mountain. Keep the info coming!

    • Wow! Cool – let me know how the 60 days goes! Things are going to get really busy in our real estate lives in about a month or so, if they aren’t already! THEN – it becomes even more paramount to keep our mind focused!

      Thanks for your kind words! So glad you are enjoying!