"I Feel Like I'm In a Rut."

If this is you, I can help you get out of it and help get you back in your groove. Let me show you how easy it is. Just click that big red button below.

Jeff Pinkelton - Director, The Gathering of the Miami Valley

"These ideas have actually made it fun to make goals again! I have been able to add another dimension of growth to myself"

Tim Hall, Realtor - The Tim Hall Team Re/Max Victory

"What John teaches is easy to do with great payback! I highly recommend!"

I got tired of coasting...I knew I had much more potential. But somehow, I had to get out of the rut I was in.

One thing that many people don't realize: You don't grow just by getting older.

Think about that.

And now you are in a rut.


Maybe, because like me, you are coasting and in a rut. 

You are spinning your wheels. 

And now you are getting restless because...

You KNOW you are destined for more! 

You KNOW you have so much more potential.


What if there was an easy formula and guide that you could use to to "Get There"?

Ideas that will help you:

  • Get out of your rut.
  • Wake up each day with hope and energy.
  • Jump back into your groove.
  • Transform your life into your dreams.

My name is John Helmick and I have transformed my life several different times. I constantly look for ways that I can add value to my world.

I want to share the 5 simple ideas that I used to get out of my rut. Ideas that you can easily do EACH day to help transform your life.

Sometimes - you just need somebody outside your sphere to provide you with an idea.

An idea that may already be inside you.

And when you have it - it resonates deep inside your soul.

THAT is when your soul ignites and your life begins to be transformed.

New York Times Best-Selling author, John Maxwell often says that the only difference between himself and anybody else is that he has done little things everyday for a long time. This has allowed himself to grow beyond measure. 

As a matter of fact, he has just updated one of his first best-sellers, "Developing the Leader Within You" that he wrote 25 years ago. He says that over 80% of the book is new material. WHY? Because, as he states, since he first wrote the book, he has kept learning and growing.

He didn't coast!

THAT, my friend, is why we need to develop these little ideas in our lives that allow us to grow every day.

This keeps us out of ruts and moves us toward our full potential!

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