4.25 Ideas on Perfecting Your Leadership Style

Are You Growing in Your Leadership?

Perfecting Your Leadership Style

Follow the Leader?

Do you lead your own company?

Do you lead a work group?

Do you lead a church group?

Do you lead your family?

Bottom line is most of us lead in some capacity in our lives.

How does your Leadership Style affect your leadership efforts?

John C. Maxwell, leadership expert and NY Times Best Selling Author and Speaker has written numerous books about Leadership and Leadership Styles.  What I am sharing here is a “ground level” view of how your style may affect your success as a Leader.


You are going to need some information about yourself.

You NEED to know YOURSELF.

Do you know your strengths?

Do you know your weaknesses?

I get mixed answers when I ask people – “Which do you know better? Your Strengths? Or, your weaknesses?”

What we are going to talk about below is going to allow you to help bring some clarity to your leadership style and hopefully launch you in to some HONEST self-evaluation as to how you are perceived among those you lead.  This will allow you to start to see some of your strengths and weaknesses.

FIRST: Who do you have in your inner circle that is honest with you and can give you honest evaluation as to how you are perceived?  Do you have people that are close to you who do not have any skin in your game that can honestly tell you without fear of backlash from you if they tell you the truth?

Can they honestly tell you what they think your strengths are?

Can they even MORE honestly tell you what they think your weaknesses are?  (Your spouse will have no trouble with this!)

Any quality in the world

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LEADERSHIP STYLE:   Hakuna Matada – (aka: laid back)

  • Advantages:  Very follower friendly.  Allows those on your team to be themselves and mostly do their own thing.
  • Disadvantages:  Does not push your team to new horizons as fast as other styles.
  • GREAT FOR:  Non-profit/volunteer groups where you do not have any organizational authority.

LEADERSHIP STYLE:  Helicopter (aka: micro-manager)

  • Advantages:  Makes sure everyone is on the same page doing things EXACTLY the way you want it to be done.
  • Disadvantages:  This style suppresses the development of aspiring leaders that are following you.
  • GREAT FOR:  Highly intense arenas – Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, was a very well-known micro-manager.

LEADERSHIP STYLE:  Ramrod (aka: jerk)

  • Advantages:  Appears to be on the fast track.  Projects that need to proceed quickly.
  • Disadvantages:  Loss of followers and loss of enthusiasm of your team.
  • GREAT FOR:  Some organizations that have to get products/services to market FAST to have a competitive advantage.

LEADERSHIP STYLE:  Scatterbrain (aka: ditzy)

  • Advantages:  Pursues many avenues – multi-tasks.  Can quickly evaluate multiple paths.  Creatives are very good at this.
  • Disadvantages:  Goals are not reached in a timely manner; very disorganized.  May not have a Big Picture view.
  • GREAT FOR:  Product development and design teams.

So where do you fit?

Sit down in a quite place and reflect.  (This can be easily done in your personal growth time – I outline this in my ebook which can be downloaded from this blog…please do so, if you haven’t already!)

Ask those in your inner circle who can be painfully honest with you who they see you as.

Make changes.  Have Success.

So which one(s) are you?

What have you learned?

What are you going to do about it?

Share your thoughts with me below…

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