5.5 Networking Skills for Your Success


Networking Skills

Everyone you meet has heard of networking.

BUT – very few really do it effectively!

We all have our little circles and cliques at our kids soccer games, churches, and work.  Nobody has any real initiative to expand their circle of friends or acquaintances.  Nobody ever really wants to get to know the new guy in the office, or sitting across the pew, or meet the parents of the new kid.

UNLESS there is something in it for them…prestige, popularity, $$$, free stuff.

UNLESS – “THAT’s the new President of the school board over there!”  OR – “That kids older brother starts varsity and is being looked at by 6 Division 1 schools!”

When there is possibly something in it for me, that is when we step out of our comfort zone to go over and introduce ourselves.

I met a person the other day telling me of a story of this older gentleman who was a farmer of a very large and successful farm who was going to buy a brand new Buick (with cash).  He went in to the dealership where there were three salesmen that were in the showroom talking and when he walked in and they all scattered…except one guy who basically blew him off.

Ticked – the gentleman drove 30 minutes out of his way to another Buick dealership.  The same thing happened with two or three seasoned salesmen running off pretending they had stuff to do when he walked in – EXCEPT – they left a young guy – still green behind the ears to help him.  The young, energetic, salesman was eager to help him and show him all his options with the car that he wanted to buy.  When it came to putting the offer down on the car – WITH CASH – the other salesmen’s jaws dropped.  The young salesman had a great sale!

networking skills

The gentleman farmer went back to the first dealership and parked his beautiful new Buick in front of the showroom and went inside and called all of the salesmen that ran off when he walked in just a few hours before and proudly showed him his new car – WITH THE TITLE!  AND – made the point of telling them that he was ticked that he had to drive another 30 minutes out of his way to buy it.  He further told them that no one else in his family or any of his friends would ever buy any cars from their dealership!

TOUGH lesson?  Very tough!

5.5 Networking Skills for Your Success:

1.  NEVER judge a person by their appearance alone.  Make conversation with anyone!  YOU may LEARN something NOBODY else knows!

2.  Be energetic in ALL of your relationships.  Don’t blow off anyone or anything!

3.  Don’t pass on an obvious business opportunity or sale thinking that it is not large enough.  IT could very easily turn out to be a deal of a lifetime!

4.  Treat everyone like they are the King or Queen!

5.  Respect your elders.  They are FULL of knowledge and know ALOT of people!

5.5  Sit down with your elders and get to know them.  Let them trust you.  They have a wealth of lifetime knowledge and contacts!  They can help you TONS!

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