5.75 Ideas for your Elevator Speech

5.75 Ideas for your 30 Second Commercial

Elevator Speech

So do you have a 30 Second Elevator Speech?

What do you say to someone who asks you: “What line of work are you in?”

“I work at Starbucks”

  • Would a better response be:  “I am a coffee engineer and I am always looking to make different things!”

A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY could be lost on your response to the Question:  “What do you do?”

Who knows…maybe the person you are talking to can help you advance your career.  They may also be that key to help you network with that individual who you have been waiting to connect with.  BUT – if you don’t catch their attention and engage them in conversation, potential life building and enhancing conversations will never happen.

Elevator Speech

5.75 Ideas for Your Elevator Speech

Stay with me on this…grab a pad of paper and plan on thinking through this for 15-30 minutes and you can totally re-engineer your elevator speech!

  1. Integrate your USP.  Your 30 second commercial should be based totally off of your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  2. What is the most exciting way to describe what you do?  Write it down…No, really…think creatively here!  Come on!  This is important!
  3. If a comedian were looking at what you just wrote down…what kind of wise crack could they make about it?  Write this down!
  4. Would you be able to impress your old high school sweetheart with what you have written down?  (Assuming you aren’t married to them!)
  5. If you were riding up the elevator with Donald Trump (I know – crazy!) how could you describe yourself to catch his attention?

Now that you have 5 different sections of ideas here, the cool thing is to integrate and mesh the funny & witty ideas that you have gathered in steps 2 & 3 with the more serious ideas of your USP that you did in step 1 and the more impressive stuff you wrote down in 4 & 5.

Write and re-write.

Then put your pad down and come back to it tomorrow morning.

elevator speech

Tomorrow morning:

Re-read what you wrote yesterday.  Any different ideas come to mind now that you have had a day and night to let it percolate in your mind?  Write those ideas down.

Re-organize your thoughts on paper.

Put the pad down and come back to it tomorrow morning.

FINAL morning!

The most important thing you want to do right now is distill your ideas into a concise and laser like 30 seconds that will flow with emotion, energy, and magnetism.  This distilling process may take awhile.  Write down some sentences…step back, look at them, play them in your mind.


Idea 5.75:  Say it out loud.

No really…start talking!  Say it out loud.

How does it sound?

BONUS Idea:  Next time you meet up with one of your best friends who know you best, have them ask you what you do for a living…then give it to them.  See what they think.

See how they react.

Get their impressions.

Get their ideas.

Go home and write down any ideas you may have gathered from your friend and write down your 30 second speech again now integrating those new-found ideas.

GREAT ideas do not just come easy.  It takes time, effort, and will-power to mold, massage, and work your message.

But in the end…you will have a very impressive and memorable dialogue with someone that may just be able to help you in ways you never dreamed – and it was ALL because you put in this work to be OUTSTANDING in your own ELEVATOR!

So – What do you do for a living?

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