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Key to success

After earning a Ph.D. in chemistry from Miami(Ohio) University, I worked for a Johnson & Johnson company that made Pepcid AC in Philadelphia.

One of the first business/personal growth books that I ever picked up was How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.  This book opened my eyes to personal growth and my need to develop people skills in order to be successful.

The significance of this cannot be overstated.

I was a chemist.  Chemists are not known for their people skills or their enjoyment of personal development!


My wife and I had just had our first daughter, and we were looking at buying our first home.  When looking for homes, our Realtor made an off-the-cuff comment about some new lead-based paint laws affecting real estate that were coming out and that I should get into that business.

(It went in one ear and out the other at that moment – after all, I have a new baby and I’m trying to buy a house here and don’t have time to think of that stuff!)

But wouldn’t you know – the very next Sunday in the real estate section of the Philadelphia Inquirer, there was a full two-page write up on lead-based paint.  There were about 2-3 pictures of this guy using a cool Star-Trek looking lead gun measuring the paint.


The thing was – I didn’t really hate my job, but I really was not doing chemistry where I was working…I had to sit in an office wearing a white shirt and tie and write reports, review reports, go to meetings, and put out fires in the lab.  I had 6-8 people actually doing all the fun stuff in the lab and the only time I was in the lab was when something wasn’t working right!  Playing the business political game was in my blood, though…

SO – I had this business idea now…what do I do now?

Oh…and we had our first baby, too.

So, I called by best buddy who had an MBA…”Hey, Doug…I have this business idea.  Do you know how to do market research?”

Doug came over to the house, liked the idea and he went and did the market research for the Philly area.

THEN – he got laid off and took a job in the Financial Planning industry which is commission based, so he was not going to be able to help get this business started.

It was just me now.

I asked Doug if he could run some numbers for the Dayton/Cincinnati/Columbus area in Ohio as well as the Syracuse/Utica area in NY (where my wife was from).  Numbers showed that Ohio was a great area.  It took about two more years, but I quit my job and we moved back home to Ohio!

john helmick success

1997 – I started Ohio Property Inspection Services, Inc. based in Cedarville, Ohio – from scratch.

Key to Success#1:  I had a complete vision of how I wanted the company to look.

Key to Success#2:  Massive Action.  Within the span of the first nine months, through networking and meeting people, I spoke at over 100 real estate office sales meetings, Realtor Association meetings, Women’s Council of Realtor meetings, a Rotary Club meeting, and offered several continuing education classes for Realtors.  All off this propelled the company to a quick start.

Key to Success#3:  Networking Maniac:  Harvey Mackay – “Dig Your Well Before You Are Thirsty”.  This is a must read for any business owner!

During the mid-2000’s OPiS employed three full-time inspectors (besides myself), a full-time marketing manager, as well as a full-time office manager.  The firm has performed over 19,000 inspections and I have personally performed over 11,000 of those inspections.


Remember – I was a Ph.D. Chemist.  I never took a business class in all of my schooling.  I had to learn and grow myself.  I had to grow in understanding people, networking, sales & marketing.  I had to grow and understand how to run a company.  I had to learn home inspections.  BOTTOM LINE:  I had to discipline myself to learn on the fly and APPLY what I was learning.  I went to just as many success seminars and conferences as I did home inspection conferences!

A passion to help people with an entrepreneurial spirit get their businesses started or to take their current business to the top is what propelled me to open up other OPIS offices and help start OPIS Chimney Inspections.  Whether it is just lending a hand, being a sound board, or providing kick-butt coaching, I truly enjoy helping people succeed.

john helmick success

This passion has led me to get my coaching/training/speaking certification through the John Maxwell Team and to be able to add value to those around me at a much higher level.  Thus, in 2015 I started a Coaching Company called John Helmick Success.  My focus is to help people develop their personal growth strategies to help them reach their potential and lead a life of significance.  I am doing this by this blog and writing about ideas on personal growth and success.  I also have several coaching programs that are available for people who want to invest in themselves and their families and companies – AND in reaching their God-given potential.

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