Be Guilt-FREE: Don’t Do New Year’s Resolutions!

Throw OUT your NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS - Do This Instead...

shock everyone

shock everyone

Are you DONE with New Year’s Resolutions?

So am I…here’s why:

Goals do not mean a thing if you have no real intention of going after them!

BIG Goals require an enormous amount of energy with intention and massive action to attain them. (Even what you might consider to be “little” goals are a waste of time if you have no REAL intention of chasing them!)

Just setting some goals with a ho-hum attitude mean nothing.  Because once life starts to take over, you get busy and soon forget about the nice little goals that you set at the beginning of the year.

Then there is the guilt you have to deal with!

You don’t need GUILT in your life.

If you want to change something in your life:

  • Habits – like getting up earlier to READ/TIME WITH GOD/JOURNALING/PRAYING
  • Save money for a vacation
  • Move to a different house
  • Change careers
  • Lose weight/Get in shape

To make any goals happen and become part of your life requires MASSIVE action on your part…not just an idea in your mind to set that as a “goal”.

All of the guru’s out there can tell you how to set goals and break them down into smaller goals to set you on the right path to meeting your main goal.

I – on the other hand – come at the issue from the other end:


WHY do you want to upend your life for your “goal”?


This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of being able to achieve a goal.



No goal worth while will come easy and that is why goals never see February.

Be All in


It was January 2015, just before my 50th birthday, when I finished a racquetball tournament and got beat twice by guys that I know I should have beat.  (I am taking nothing away from them – I just knew that I could do better.  MUCH BETTER!)


SO –

This past year I have lost 25 pounds (well over 30 pounds of fat and gaining almost 10 pounds of muscle).  Oh…and I have already beat one of those guys this year…by a comfortable margin!


I was sore almost everyday.  (This 50 year old body is showing its creaks and cracks…)

It cost me money.  (I worked with a GREAT personal trainer!)

It cost me time.  (I work out three times a week)

It cost me comfort.  (I do not eat everything that I LOVE to eat)


  1. This was not a goal that I set on a whim with a ho-hum attitude.
  2. I had a HUGE driving force behind me.
  4. Because of the HUGE SACRIFICE that I was invested in – I was not going to quit.

Now it is the end of the year – and I FEEL GREAT about what I have accomplished.

Don’t you want to finally feel good about something that you have done?

A HUGE WHY is what will get you there.

WHAT is your WHY?

What burns in your gut?


Oh – by the way….

  1. I did not tell anybody what I was doing until people started noticing changes in my body and in my racquetball game.
  2. Once you tell somebody – you OWN it…they will be watching you!
  3. Once people see your commitment and results – they will want to know how you are doing it.
  4. THIS helps to keep you on your journey.

And ONE more thing….

If your goal is losing weight and getting in shape…I did not set an actual weight number to tell me how successful I was.  I did the work and lost the weight – it is what it is.  Success, in my mind was seeing the actual changes in my body and in my racquetball game.  People see the results.  The weight will come off.  ONCE the weight starts coming off then you can see the changes in how you look and make some actual weight number goals from there.  I recommend making the commitment up front to do the work to get in shape and start to watch the weight come off.  If you are getting in shape, you will be building muscle, too – so the weight loss is not as fast…but your body will be taking shape and transforming.

I had my WHY – I was turning 50, and if I did not start to get in shape now – WHEN?

What is your WHY?


Now – go do it.

Just do it

P.S. – if you need help and advice…let me know.

P.S.S. – let me know your why for this year below in the comment section.

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6 thoughts on “Be Guilt-FREE: Don’t Do New Year’s Resolutions!

  1. How about turning 70 in March!
    And other things like retirement. That one is starting to disrupt my daily work. Need to do things, however, that may be beyond my control. (Like sell the Snowshoe house.)
    However, we are spending a week a month at Kitty Hawk.
    Good to read from you, John.

  2. John great stuff! Over the last several years I have made the last week of the year a time in which I recharge and meditate on what the Lord wants for me in 2017. Then I jot out my goals and lay out the game plan of how I am going to achieve them. I do it because being regimented and having a plan once I wake up helps me be more intentional with my time and makes me a better husband, father, and boss. Great post looking forward to more of your insight!