Valentine’s Day Thoughts Video

And - How is Your Year Going?

Hey guys…just a quick video to catch up on what’s going on so far this year!  How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?  Yep – remember those?  Haha!  Anyway – just catching up with you – watch as I also go over some funny daily rituals the Ben Franklin and Beethoven used to do!  What […]

Where Are You Procrastinating? I SEE You….

FINISH - Hiding Places & Noble Obstacles

Hiding Places and Noble Obstacles

Have you ever noticed that when you get close to completing a goal or project that everything else starts to look really good? We are on Chapter 5 of New York Times Best Selling Author Jon Acuff’s new book, FINISH.  The name of this Chapter is Leave Your Hiding Places and Ignore Noble Obstacles. As […]

Why Aren’t You Having Fun?

Perfectionism Says You Can't Have Fun

So why do we pick goals for ourselves that aren’t fun?  We increase our satisfaction by 31% if we pick goals that we believe will be enjoyable.  Further, if you pick an enjoyable goal, you increase performance success by 46%! We are on Chapter 4 of our review the book, FINISH by New York Times […]

Bomb Something Out of Your Life

FINISH - Chapter 3, Choose What to Bomb

Bomb something out of your life

Have you ever thought: “I sure wish I could make my life more simple.”?  Well – Let’s talk about how you can make that happen… We started this epic journey on the defensive protecting ourself from perfectionism (“The Day after Perfect”).  Then we went on the offensive by “Chopping our Goal in Half”.  NOW we […]

Video: John’s Episode of Chopped

Chop Your Goals in Half!

Cut Your Goal in Half

I’m sure you will agree with me:  We over embellish our goals and underestimate the time it will take to accomplish them.  In this video episode of Chapter 2 of Jon Acuff’s new book, FINISH, Jon teaches us to defeat Perfectionism’s 2nd lie: Your goal isn’t big enough by chopping it in half! Check out […]