Bomb Something Out of Your Life

FINISH - Chapter 3, Choose What to Bomb

Bomb something out of your life

Have you ever thought: “I sure wish I could make my life more simple.”?  Well – Let’s talk about how you can make that happen…

We started this epic journey on the defensive protecting ourself from perfectionism (“The Day after Perfect”).  Then we went on the offensive by “Chopping our Goal in Half”.  NOW we are still advancing with an offensive onslaught against perfectionism by allowing our goal room in our life by getting rid of something less desirable.

This is from Chapter 3 in our book review of New York Times Best Selling Author Jon Acuff’s new book, FINISH call “Choose What to Bomb”.

This is what Jon calls the 3rd Lie of Perfectionism:  You CAN Do it ALL.

This is a lie that despite what all of you super humans out there think, you CAN’T DO IT ALL!  Something else has to give!

Let’s face it – MOST of us live lives that are already jam packed with stuff…there is no room for anything else.

OK – an example from my life:  So, some of you might know that I am a tournament racquetball player.  Almost two years ago I was turning 50 and I just played in a tourney and lost to a guy that I had no business losing to.  (Not dogging him, but I knew my potential was better than the way I was playing…)  The ONLY thing I could think of besides practicing more was to get into peak condition because I was basically 30+ lbs overweight.

I had been seeing a guy I knew start posting pictures on Facebook of him competing in bodybuilding.  (I know him as a round guy…seeing him in competition shape was astounding to see this transformation!)  So I contacted him about doing some personal training to get me into competition shape.  The rest is history as I have lost almost 40 lbs of fat and gained about 10 lbs of muscle.

BUT in order to make this happen – I had to block out an hour from my day and change the way I was eating…and to do this I had to start blocking this out on my calendar.  This was very hard at first.  I had to work extra hard in other parts of the day and I had to work extra hard at defending this space of time.  What I bombed was rearranging the time in my work day.  ONCE it was there…it was there.  IF your GOAL means enough to you, you will do what you have to do to make it happen. (You want to talk about pursuing breakthrough in your fitness life?  Comment below and I will get back to you personally!)

Something MUST be sacrificed because the worst thing that can happen is that you skimp on the time needed for the different areas of your life and then you become a bumbling mess where nothing is done right and everything is rushed.


  • Room must be made for it in your life.
  • Time must be allotted.
  • Energy must be given.
  • Creativity must be tapped.

If your goal has no meaning or value, you won’t make these concessions in your life for the “less than important” things.

ALSO – think about this with me:

Some parts of your life that you are giving time and energy to may have become “obsolete” and you continue to devote time and energy to them because, well – “that is just what I do”.  They have become a part of you.  Maybe even a bad habit…?


You now have a fantastic goal that is important to you…what are you going to do to make sure that you are going to have the BEST odds of success?

At the beginning of this year I set a goal to read a book a week (I have talked about this several times in my videos).  To make this happen I have had to get up earlier in the morning.  This is really easy when daylight savings time ends…and I have used this to boost me into waking up at 5:30!  I am going to finish off this year of book reading real nicely…I will update you in a video in the coming weeks how close I am going to get to this crazy goal!  This has been a tremendous breakthrough for me personally!

You need to choose what to BOMB and SUCCEED at a goal that matters!

  • TV
  • Social Media
  • Time with friends…put some on pause?
  • Certain chores – mowing the lawn, raking leaves, snow removal…
  • email

Jon calls this stuff that we need to quit putting time into Strategic Incompetence because we really aren’t that good at them.

Strategic Incompetence

What do we do and what do we spend hours striving and wrestling with, that we really don’t enjoy doing, but we feel like we need to do…ourselves?

Here’s some ideas to get you thinking:

  1. Making meals – do mass meal prep for the week or hire a chef.
  2. On-line grocery shopping.
  3. Hire a lawn care provider.
  4. Hire a house keeper.
  5. Go through a car wash.
  6. Call 1-800-GOT-JUNK to clean out your garage/basement/shed.

I can’t stress loudly enough – and put this in ALL CAPS and BOLD with red highlight:

IF your GOAL is NOT important enough – you won’t devote the time or energy to bring it to completion!

LET me ask you a question:

How much does your goal mean to you?  (If your goal really doesn’t mean that much…why waste your time with it to begin with?)

Think of it this way:  Is your goal really just a “pie-in-the-sky” day dream where you really don’t think you have a prayer achieving and you are just going to “try it out”…OR…are you going to set a goal and BELIEVE in it?

Despite last weeks – CHOP YOUR GOAL IN HALF lesson…you CAN have BIG goals!  You CAN have HUGE goals!   YOU MUST Believe in them!  JUST chop them down into achievable segments!  Give yourself a chance to enjoy some victories along the journey!

Here’s your ACTION Plan:

  1. What goal or goals do you currently own?
  2. Evaluate them – are they still legitimate goals that you BELIEVE in?
  3. If NOT – BOMB them…get rid of them – QUIT WASTING YOUR TIME and ENERGY!
  4. If so…MAKE sure you have adequate TIME & ENERGY to go after them.
  5. What do you need to BOMB out of your life that is less important?

We are trying to become FINISHERS and conqueror’s of Perfectionism that KILLS Goals!

Do you still have time to FINISH a goal yet this year?

Do you need to re-group and get going on that goal NOW and keep in going through the NEW YEAR?

Are you thinking of some new goals for the NEW YEAR?

Hey guys…comment below:  Let me know what you are going to cut out of your life to free up space to go after your goals!


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2 thoughts on “Bomb Something Out of Your Life

  1. I want to read more and will cut out mind numbing TV shows that just waste my time and yes, lose some weight-10 more lbs by the end of February.