Small Business Success Secret #1 – Know Your Referral Sources

Grow Your Business - One Relationship at a Time!

personal growth

SUCCESS TIP #1 Identify Where Your Business Comes From Know your referral sources One of my All-Time BEST business referral source stories comes from an older gentleman that I had cultivated a relationship with.  He was not one of my top sources, but I had worked hard to get to know him and felt like […]

NORMAL Just Isn’t Getting It Done – Be WEIRD!

be weird

Be WEIRD – Get Noticed! In today’s culture…the outlandish and brash get the attention….MOST RECENTLY: Miley Cyrus – Lady Gaga – Even Larry Winget (If you know who he is, comment!  I LOVE Larry Winget, btw!) Some others: Terrell Owens – Madonna – Ocho Cinco (Chad Johnson) OK – enough!  You get the idea!  (Plus […]

How To Win Friends and Influence People – My Story

How To Win Friends and Influence People

I remember EXACTLY when the “lights” went on for me when it comes to personal relationships. I picked up the book by Dale Carnegie – “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” IF you stay with me on this…my story might be a little like yours… Or at least it can give you HOPE if […]

5.75 Ideas for your Elevator Speech

Elevator Speech

5.75 Ideas for your 30 Second Commercial So do you have a 30 Second Elevator Speech? What do you say to someone who asks you: “What line of work are you in?” “I work at Starbucks” Would a better response be:  “I am a coffee engineer and I am always looking to make different things!” […]

Home Inspection Business Marketing

Home Inspection Business Marketing

Home Inspection Business Marketing Home Inspectors are a dime a dozen. Everyone who used to be a contractor for 30 years now thinks they are qualified as a home inspector. This makes for a very crowded marketplace! SO HOW ARE YOU GOING TO STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD? So…you are a home inspector – or […]

A Thank You Note

a thank you note

A Thank You Note – 6 Ways to Create Clients for LIFE! Create a lasting impression and client loyalty with a HANDWRITTEN Thank You Note! Smart business people will send a thank you card to a customer or client. Genuine business people who want to create a loyal group of fans send Personal HANDWRITTEN Thank You […]