FINISH – Give Yourself The Gift of Done by Jon Acuff

Join Me on this Book Review Journey

FINISH…what feelings do you feel when you see the word…FINISH?

  • Relief
  • Victory
  • Accomplishment
  • Joy
  • Pride

Sadly…many of us give up or QUIT before we see the finish line or the finished product.  As a matter of fact, the statistics show that 92% of people fail on their New Year’s Resolutions.

From here to the end of the year, (and maybe into January) I am going to be reviewing a book that will change your thinking and get you REVVED up to make some SOLID New Year’s Resolutions come January 1, 2018!

New York Times bestselling author of Do Over, Jon Acuff has just released his new book called FINISH – Give Yourself the Gift of Done.

I am going to review it with you.

If I ever get in the Christmas spirit, I may even give a couple of books signed by Jon away…but only to those that have been nice about commenting!

ONLY 8% of people making New Year’s Resolutions are successful.  That stinks!

It’s kind of funny, but I have some similarities with Jon Acuff in that I have only finished reading about 25% of the books I own (I think he says 10% for him – so I’ve got him there!)  Also – I have a very nice road bike sitting in my basement that has less than 100 miles on it…AND…one of those bike stands that you can use to ride indoors that I just KNEW would make me want to ride more indoors during the winter watching football…(I think it has less than 5 hours on it.)

btw…if any of you guys want to actually USE it?  I have a deal for ya!

BUT – I actually have finished quite a few things that I am actually proud of and that my wife thinks I am looney about…and that is:  Finishing up ALL the INK in those clear bic pens!  YEP!  I probably have saved at least 30 of those babies and it drives her crazy!

But at least I finished something, eh?  (Well that and didn’t lose the pen!)

So what about you?  Do you start things and then right in the middle of the project you get all of these other better ideas about new projects to start that make you want to abandon the one you’re in the middle?  OR – do you get started on something and then quit right at the last minute because you are a perfectionist and you detect that your finished product is not going to be perfect?

Can you smell what the Jo(h)n’s are cookin’ here?  Jon Acuff is going to take us on a very powerful journey that is going to invigorate us all to be able to FINISH whatever it is we want to finish.

We are going to be the FINISHERS…

Join me on this journey as we near the end of this year so that we can really create some powerful New Year’s Resolutions for 2018!

I am going to do a short video later this week…so stay tuned!  (I may even show you my bic pen collection!)


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