Focus – The ONE Question

Your ONE Thing Series - #7


What if I told you there is ONE Question that can change things BIG TIME for you?

“There is an art to clearing away the clutter and focusing on what matters most.  It is simple and it is transferable.  It just requires the courage to take a different approach.” – George Anders

You can blow the lid off of your productivity and success to help you reach your goals and dreams by asking:

“What is the ONE thing I can do RIGHT NOW to move me closer to my ONE Thing?”

When it comes to finding what our ONE Thing is for RIGHT NOW, Gary Keller – author of the book that I am reviewing with you recently, The ONE Thing, states that there is ONE question that, when asked of ourselves, will reveal “the ONE thing that we can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary.”

(Whew!  I hope my english teacher buddy, Mike Smart is not reading this!  That was a super-dee-duper run-on sentence!)

  • You can ask this to yourself at any  point in your day!

So we start with a question.

  • The better the questions we can ask, the better the answers we are going to get.  So – the best thing we can do is to hone in on what the best question is.

Ask powerful questions – get life changing answers.


Sometimes – now be honest with me here – sometimes…we get going along in our lives on cruise control and our mind is turned off.



Enjoying…yes…but not really thinking about what we are doing and where we are going.

Coasting is downhill…you are NOT growing if you are coasting.  Growing is UPHILL.

  • In order to pursue the path to moving towards our potential, we have to be mindful of our lives.  Day in. Day out.  Morning.  Night.

We need to take time to think.  We need to be able to…pause…

This is UPHILL kind of stuff.

Gary states: “How we phrase the questions we ask ourselves determines the answers that will eventually become our life.”

The flip side of that is obvious.  No thinking.  No questions.  No answers.  No life.


We Plateau.

  • Great questions are the best path to the answers providing the light to each of our journeys.


Your ONE Thing

The BIG Picture: What’s my ONE Thing?

SMALL FOCUS: What’s my ONE Thing right now?

  • Ask ourselves in each moment or at the beginning of each day what is the ONE Thing that I can do RIGHT NOW that will move me closer to my ONE Thing?

If we want an extraordinary life to reach our EXTRAORDINARY POTENTIAL, we MUST ask ourselves (or – better…ASK GOD) what our ONE Thing is for us to be pursuing.

Now, I know…some of you are probably saying, “well, John…I believe that God has several things for me.”  I believe that God has made each of us with talents and a purpose for us to live in to.  BUT – I also believe…now think with me on this…that some of those things may have several different facets to them which may get us a little confused on exactly what our overarching ONE Thing may be.  (But this is another discussion for another time, lest we write a mile-long blog post here!)

How to ask THE Question:

  1. “What’s the ONE Thing I can do…”   This is an action statement.  It points to something very narrow…a bullseye.  There may be many options, but, upon thinking, and narrowing down, you should only end up with ONE action to perform.  The “can do” part of this question tells us to pursue.  We MUST act.
  2. “…such that by doing it…”  This tells us that we have criteria that is involved in narrowing down our options in order to pursue our overall ONE Thing.
  3. “…everthing else will be easier or unnecessary.”  Gary likens this to finding the first domino.  If we can find the first domino…and accomplish (knock it over) that task, it will make the rest easier – or – unnecessary.  Many of our options really don’t need to be done if we really distill it down deep.  Doing the leveraged action(s) can make huge changes to our life.
  • IF I would suggest ONE habit that could improve your life immeasurably, it would be to learn to ask the ONE Question.


And after every task is accomplished.  ASK yourself…what is the ONE thing I can do now…NEXT!

I am so excited to hear your thoughts on this – so comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Focus – The ONE Question

  1. Thanks for the great blog. I see life as a HUGE series of dominoes, and it’s hard to trace tasks down to the first domino. Just getting off the couch and onto a task is the first pip on the first domino!

    • You are exactly right, Lily…it is VERY hard to drill down to the first domino…but I think a lot of the good is actually thinking about what you want to accomplish in detail and then getting after it…like getting off the couch! Haha!