Holmes on Homes Part Two – Marketing Your Home Inspection Business

It’s the age old question:  How Do I Market a Home Inspection Business?

Marketing a Home Inspection Business

Getting your home inspection business started is one of the hardest things to do.

Just putting up your shingle will not get it done!

marketing a home inspection business

In a previous post, Holmes on Homes, we discussed some BAD business strategy.  BAD business practice is the WORST way to market a home inspection business!

When you finally start bringing in some business, the BEST way for you to market a home inspection business is to perform the inspection flawlessly.  To interact with the buyer flawlessly.  To provide an exciting inspection – flawlessly.  To enter in to great conversation with the buyer AND his Realtor – flawlessly.

You need to think of your home inspection as a PERFORMANCE.

Mike Holmes is very good at creating drama and knows how to put on a good show!


marketing a home inspection business

Don’t be BORING!

Have FUN!


Learn to lighten things up…your buyers are worried something is going to be wrong with the house and they won’t be able to get it.  They have probably looked long and hard and have FINALLY found this house – it was a great deal – AND – NOW…it must pass your scrutiny!

Help them see the big picture:  Hey…we are doing a thorough inspection, yes…but by golly, best that we find something serious now than YOU find it in another 4 months!  IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD – the seller still has the option to fix a problem should one be found.  So, help lighten them up.  Teach them.  Inform them.

BUT most of all…DAZZLE them with the ease and smoothness of your work.

THAT is the BEST way to market a home inspection business!

“But how do I do things smoothly?”

Practice on your own home.  Many times.

Learn a precise system for inspecting a home/structure…and repeat that sequence over and over and over again.

Till it becomes second nature.

Practice on your friends homes.

ONE more thing…DO NOT TAKE 4 HOURS to do a home inspection of an average 2,000 square foot house!  For crying out loud!  THAT will turn off more people than you know!

How To Put Some DAZZLE in Your Inspection

  1. You market a home inspection business by getting some “show” tools – like a laser thermometer/moisture meter/high end digital camera/nice laptop computer/take credit card using SQUARE (EVERYONE loves that one!)
  2. You market a home inspection business by taking HUNDREDS of digital photos – NO – REALLY!  HUNDREDS!  I am serious here…nobody else does it!  Take hundreds…just do it.  It will protect you and your client.  THEN burn all of them on a CD at the end of the inspection and see the expression on the buyers face (and their Realtor) when you say – “and here is your CD with 750 pics on it!”  On an average 2,000 square foot house, we take 700-900 pics.  Today, we inspected a 3,200 square foot house and took just shy of 1,500!  START snapping and SEE the difference it makes!  (We use Nikon D3000 cameras with an auxiliary flash on top and we can zip those pics off!)
  3. You market a home inspection business by taking your buyers on a tour at the end of the inspection and tell them stories…tell them stories about what hail damage or wind damage looks like on roof shingles – and NO – YOUR roof doesn’t have that!  Explain what you looked for as you take them around the house as well as tell them the good things about the house.  You know what that does?  Makes the bad things pale in comparison!  You are keeping them in the game and they are liking you more by the minute!
  4. DO NOT forget about your vehicle…don’t drive with no SIGNAGE!  Don’t be tacky and buy a little magnet for your door.  INVEST in our image – it means everything when your buyers pull up to the house and see your vehicle.  GET IT WRAPPED…yes, it will cost a little – but it will look sharp and will also be a source of advertising and visibility!  YOU MARKET A HOME INSPECTION BUSINESS BY BEING VISIBLE OUT ON THE STREETS!

So what are your ideas about putting some dazzle in your home inspections?

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