Referral Network – 6 Keys to Creating Loyalty

Referral Network – 6 Keys to Cultivating Loyalty

referral network

If you have fans – they are your referral network!

CrEaTe FaNs…

In my business of home inspections, the key to creating fans is to conduct our business services in a manner that resonates with our clients and our referral network.

ONCE we created fans – our business rolled along on its own.

ONCE we created fans – our business marketing budget went down!

There are TWO things you need to do to create a Thriving Referral Network:

1.  FIND OUT what aspects of your business resonate best with your clients and referral network.  HOW?  Ask them!  Ask your clients and the people who refer you what they like best about what you do.  For example:  “We like that you don’t nit-pick houses or scare the homebuyer.”  So what did we make our Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?  – “We Perform Thorough Inspections and Don’t Nit-Pick Houses or Scare Buyers!”  That is our core marketing USP…and we got it by asking what our clients and referral network liked best about what we do!

2.  CREATE FANS!  Use the information that you just gathered and put together a USP and use that in all of your marketing efforts.  When your referral network and clients hear your marketing message it will automatically resonate with them because that is what they BELIEVE in you for!

REMEMBER:  Your referral network IS your fan base.  They should be your biggest fans!

referral network

Your Referral Network – 6 Keys to Cultivating Loyalty

1.  KNOW your Referral Network.  Get in front of them.  Hang out with them.  KNOW them.  KNOW how they tick.

2.  KNOW what turns your Referral Network on about your business or services.  What do they like?  What don’t they like?

3.  KNOW what your Referral Network wants – then deliver it in an amazing way.

4.  KNOW who your Referral Network talks to – CAN you also get in front of them?  this can create “buzz” – where many circles know your name.

5.  KNOW how to communicate with your Referral Network.  Regular face-to-face is best…are they on Facebook?  Twitter?  Do they like newsletters?  I am a fan of author John Eldredge and he sends out a simple monthly letter…yep – just a simple one page front-and-back letter from him where he talks about what his thoughts are that month.  I LOVE it…and I know many others do too.  So find out what form of communication your Referral Network likes to use and how they like to hear from you.

6.  TALK to your Referral Network.  Let them know what you are doing.  Let them know what’s new.  Let them know where you are going.  Talk about interesting stuff about THEM!

ALL of these things help to create loyalty with your Referral Network – and in today’s economy – having a fan club makes business alot easier!

How do you cultivate loyalty?

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